Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guess what is missing.

From 2 different restaurants at Jurong Point.

Picture 1 : No Straw.
Picture 2 : No Fork and the other pasta came plain without it's main ingredient (mushrooms)!

Without a straw I can still drink from the glass, but I seriously have to idea how to eat spaghetti without fork or chopsticks. I don't think I can eat steak with just spoon and knife either.

It's crappy to serve plain pasta when what we ordered from the menu is obviously not plain pasta. -.-''

It's silly and it makes me laugh but if it happens often, I don't think it'll be a laughing matter. Both times we were having our meals at non peak hours, both restaurants were not understaffed when these errors happen. Makes you wonder what the staffs are thinking about when they are working..

To clarify it's not stated that these staffs are new or trainee staffs either.

I'm not asking for very high level of service standard but missing important utensils or even serving when the dish is not complete kinda makes it very sloppy work. It's really unprofessional even for hawker standard, least to say coming from restaurants in malls.

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Young Werther said...

Thought you were about to post no alcohol in the drink :)