Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Walk at Jurong Point + FREE Postcards!

Remember I mentioned about Jurong Point is like a food mall?
They have started dipping into ARTs too! :)

Not too long ago they had this short film box-theater thingy and now they have Art Walk!

This place links the bus interchange to the basement level of Jurong Point.. and I believe this is just a part of the Art Walk. :)

Down the escalator from the bus interchange..

You'll see an arrow pointing to the Art Walk. :)

I think it looks kinda cool.. It used to be just plain scary walls (it's a quiet walkway) and now it's filled with colours so bright that it makes your day better. :)

Colours That Promote Happiness. :)

If I didn't see people painting these with my own eyes I would have thought they just pasted decals over the wall. :P

Pretty wall. :)

Like I said it's a quiet little alley and I don't really dare to walk any further. :P

Even if you don't like the art, there's always FREE postcards! :D

Collected a whole bunch of postcards when I was young.. Wonder where did I put them... :P

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