Friday, November 02, 2012

2012 Holiday Collection for Cosmetics

November-December is the Holidays seasons!

Typically around this period (September-October) there will be new collections and it's always such a joy to see all these pretty make up. *drools*

Though most of the time they are all too Party-ready with all the glitters and stuffs.
Not that it's a bad thing, but I look kinda old with red lipstick and glitter you know... Like erm.. Xmas tree with lights! :P

No one said with an empty wallet and bank account, one cannot drool at those pretty stuffs right? heh. So here's my 2cents worth from a make up dummy's point of view. Don't take it too seriously lah. I'm just a 没钱的宅主妇 (broke housewife).

Anyway this holiday I quite like M.A.C 's Holiday Collection: Glamour Daze
Tone seems more earthly with bits of shimmer. Blush, lipglass, eye pencil and nail polish seems very wearable to me. :D

Goggled and found 2 wonderful sites with swatches! It's makeupbytiffanyd (US) and Yuki'sLazyChannel (Taiwan). From M.A.C's website there's other holiday collections and one of it is a really pretty brush kit that makes me whimper in agony cause I'm just too broke to get them. :'(

Dior's Grand Bal is a little too grand in my opinion. Like the only option is a gown or long dress and nothing less would fit this set.

Chanel's Eclats du Soir de Chanel has this all grown up look. The dark nail polish and dark red lipstick will totally make me look like I'm still stuck in Halloween or something.

YSL's Northern Lights is pretty alright I guess, I could still use the Blush, Highlight Power and Top Coat.. but eyeshadow.. Hmm.. maybe the bright blue's a little not too suitable for my small eyes.

Lancome's Happy Holidays is all gold and red. Anymore red, it'll make me feel so CNY-ish. :P

By the way, anyone seen this year's deco at Orchard? It's so CNY-ish!!


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