Saturday, June 09, 2012

Unboxing Happycall Pan

I bought my Happycall pan a few months back (Feb) but just didn't have the time and space to open it up..

Recently opened the box up to take out the pan and here it is...
The unboxing of my lovely Happycall Pan. :)

Here's the box.

Bought it thru gmarket (Now call Qoo10) at a Discount at S$52.90 with FREE Delivery! :) and it comes with free gifts too!

I choose Happycall New Pressure Pan. 5.5cm and I'm glad I didn't purchase a bigger pan cause this 5.5cm pan is already very heavy!!

Heavy Pan. :p

My pack of free gifts inside the pan. :D

The sticker, from what I understand the newer batch of pans doesn't have this sticker..

Have I ever mentioned I really like free gifts. :p

Free Gift 1 : Manual in English.

Comes with pictures! :p

Free Gift 2 : Household cleaning cloth.

Free Gift 3 : 1 additional Sealer.

Free Gift 4 : Pack of bottle caps.

Free Gift 5 : Egg Ring. For special designed sunny side up. :D

Pan cover.

The magnet is very strong and it always shocks me when it closes with a loud "Tiak". hahas.

Will post more photos once I start to use it.. :D

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Young Werther said...

I want to see photos of the first thing you cook in the pan! Omelette? Pancake?