Sunday, May 06, 2012

Terrible experience at hair salon.

Needed a trim, decide to walk in to a salon at lot one. Told the staff I am rushing for time therefore will not be doing hair treatment. They say I would need a hair wash and I am alright with it. I was even agreeable to the extra 5$ for a better shampoo. Since it's situated in a mall, I would expect certain standard of service, unfortunately the neighborhood auntie shop would be much better.

1. Walked to my seat and a cup of tea was served. I was quite surprised cause I'm used to being asked if I prefer tea or plain water. Not everyone drinks tea. Needless to say, I didn't touch the cup.

2. After examining my hair a lady went to take a bottle of shampoo and let me know she'll be using that on me. That's when the ordeal begin.. She pour some water on my hair, put some shampoo and started scratching my head with her fingernails. Was so glad I decide not to do treatment! If that's how they treat one's scalp, I wonder how much torture does my scalp need to endure if I decide to go for the treatment..

3. When shampooing my hair, bits of foam drop all over me. On my dress, on my skin, I had to wipe it off on my own and she only said sorry when one huge piece of foam, fall on my chest. Too huge a piece to ignore.

4. After washing off the shampoo I was brought back to my seat. Semi blow dry my hair and left me there to wait. Yes, in an aircon room, left there to wait with hair still wet.

5. After a long wait my hair stylish comes over to trim bits of my hair and about 5mins later she left me to cut hair for another customer. To this point, yes my hair is still wet. She left clips on my hair and tell me she'll be back in a bit. Turn around and cut hair for another lady behind me.

6. This is another irritating bit. If the hairstylist is busy they could give me anyone else. There are at least another 2-3 hair stylist sitting around reading newspaper and chit chatting while I sat there and waited like an idiot.

7. After about 20mins or so, she returns to cut my hair where my next ordeal starts. I wonder if she's still a student because I've never been combed on my ear so many freaking times like it's not meat and not painful. -.-' And I don't know how but she manage scratch my face while putting serum on my hair. And I wonder how much of my hair did she tug out while blow drying my hair.

Stepped in at around 1.45pm. After so much waiting, finally came out at 3plus. Will not step in to the shop ever again. Nightmare!!


Young Werther said...

You didn't say how much it cost for the privilege??

Have you seen Maria Sharapova's (fake) hair cut??

Anonymous said...

wah so lousy!
scalp cannot use fingernail to scratch is basic knowledge leh!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Werther: S$39.

voo-doll: that's why I'm not going back there ever. -.-'