Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Cards are here!!

I had always thought wedding cards come readily and all the couple have to do is to fill in names, put in envelopes and that's it. That is not the truth! Argh...

The cards and inserts come unfolded, the strings come in a bunch uncut!

200 Cards

You have the cut the strings to the correct length yourself. Hubby managed to cut the strings to correct length but we somehow don't have enough to cover all the cards. :(

The strings hubby talented-ly cut. hahas.
If I was tasked to cut them I would probably messed everything up. :p

Hubby folds the inserts I folded the cards. 280 of them..

Followed by tying each card with each insert together with a string.

Lastly have to fill in names, put the cards and map into the envelope and write address...

Which reminds me! I haven take address from my friends yet!! Oh nos!!