Saturday, May 26, 2012

M&C Cozy Den - Chicky's Kitchen

In about 3 weeks time, I'll be moving in to our cozy little den.
The kitchen is newly renovated and every single item, except for the windows, is brand new. :P

Just a peak into my kitchen.. :D

Can cook rice, cook porridge, cook soup and even steam cake!

Makes me want to cook already. hahas..

Most of the Pots and Pans..

Will blog about the "un-boxing" of my HappyCall Pan soons! :D

Juicer and Kettle.

Plates and bowls from Ikea.

Mayer Sink and Tap. Use liao will become mayer anot? :p

Random Misc stuffs..


The scissors and Korean sets are expensive! :(

 Washing Machine! :D

Water Efficiency - 3 Ticks.

Fridge! :D - 4 Ticks. (Energy Saving)

That's all for Chicky's Kitchen. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Cards are here!!

I had always thought wedding cards come readily and all the couple have to do is to fill in names, put in envelopes and that's it. That is not the truth! Argh...

The cards and inserts come unfolded, the strings come in a bunch uncut!

200 Cards

You have the cut the strings to the correct length yourself. Hubby managed to cut the strings to correct length but we somehow don't have enough to cover all the cards. :(

The strings hubby talented-ly cut. hahas.
If I was tasked to cut them I would probably messed everything up. :p

Hubby folds the inserts I folded the cards. 280 of them..

Followed by tying each card with each insert together with a string.

Lastly have to fill in names, put the cards and map into the envelope and write address...

Which reminds me! I haven take address from my friends yet!! Oh nos!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

bellabox - May 2012

Read some twitters about how awesome their May boxes are before my box arrive, was looking forward to it until I saw what's in my box. :(

I even saw a review that their box includes some Japanese brand makeup.. Why not me. :(

So this is my May BOX..

First impression. Oh they took away the pink box inside. Ok, I've no place for those boxes anyway..

 Envelope! Is it something awesome like a cash voucher? Cause it's my bday month! :p

Oh. It's just mailers put in an envelop. So I was happy for no reason. -.-

I like this new bag. Can put my junks in there. :D

And there's all the items all laid out...

This was a major turnoff cause I've tried this before and it doesn't suit the condition of my scalp. :(

This looks alright. Not sure if I can use it though. Will read more about it..

This one looks rather cute. Might try it out. Hopes it's not too "rich" for me..

I can't use this item. :( Anyone wants this?

Youth guard cream. Even though it's free from Parabens, SLES, Mineral Oil, Animal Testing, Allergenic and Fragrances. I'm still wary of creams due to past experience. :(

My disappointment in every box comes with the fact that I actually choose to subscribe to Bellabox cause I've read reviews saying they focus more on makeup items. Unfortunately that's not true for my boxes. :(

I read reviews comparing a few of these subscription boxes and decide on this cause the others main focus seems to be on skincare which I find that I have unique skin that just doesn't react the same as everyone else.

For skincare it would take about 2 weeks usage to better gauge if the product suits me but makeup suitability shows rather instantly. To test if the eyeliner smudges over time or whether the lipstick stays, it just take less than a day for me to determine if the product is a go or no go.. On rarer occasions that I'm having a bad skin day, at most it's 2-3 different days of usage and I can tell if the item is truly my new favourite product. If it doesn't work for me, the damage is not that great because I don't use it day in, day out..

For skincare it just takes more effort and in the worse case, if the product doesn't suits me, my skin condition would become worse! Especially if you can't choose the product according to your skin type. E.g. 20s using skincare for 40s or combination skin using products for dry skin just doesn't work it.

Well, you may disagree with me. but there's my 2 cents worth on these samples stuffs. :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Find out how much you can save...

There's this very cool calculator that helps smokers to calculate how much they can save if they quit smoking..

Click here to check how much you can save!

All you need to do is key in how many stick you smoke a day..
It'll calculate the the amount you would save in a month and a year if you quit smoking.

If you used to smoke 1 stick a day and you quit smoking.
You would save S$16.80 a month or S$204.4 a year.
Doesn't sound like much? Average smokers that I know of smokes about 1 pack a day.
Heavy smokers can smoke 2-3 packs a day!

So if you smoke about half a pack a day and you decide to be considerate to yourself and your loved ones..
You would save S$168 a month or S$2044 a year.
S$2044! You can buy a new gadget or bring your love one out on a short distance vacation or even both!

So if you're the average smoker and finally one day you decide to be a better and healthier person.
You would save S$336 a month (Can cover utilities bill every month!) or S$4088 a year!
S$4088 can be used to do a mini makeover for the house! or you can finally have extra cash for the rainy days! No more fear of the unknown future!

Maybe you're well to do and think that S$4088 is a small sum of money where you can afford to spend. Or maybe you think spending S$4088 for leisure is acceptable and you can quit whenever you want. Or you can't stop because it makes you feel good and relives you of your stress. It's a long term habit that you can't change and wouldn't change since it suits you well up till now. Or you've tried but was unsuccessful a couple of times and you've given up totally.

Whatever the reason, you know you're just self-deceiving and slapping your own face.
It takes determination to quit. Yes it's not easy. Spending S$4088 a year putting your health and your loved ones health in danger just doesn't seem right. I'm sure there are other better and healthier ways to relive stress that may or may not cost as much.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple 24th Birthday.

Went to work as usual. Wanted a simple birthday this year. So I didn't even let any of my colleagues know. :p Hubby came over to pick me up from work. Feeling blissful..

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Terrible experience at hair salon.

Needed a trim, decide to walk in to a salon at lot one. Told the staff I am rushing for time therefore will not be doing hair treatment. They say I would need a hair wash and I am alright with it. I was even agreeable to the extra 5$ for a better shampoo. Since it's situated in a mall, I would expect certain standard of service, unfortunately the neighborhood auntie shop would be much better.

1. Walked to my seat and a cup of tea was served. I was quite surprised cause I'm used to being asked if I prefer tea or plain water. Not everyone drinks tea. Needless to say, I didn't touch the cup.

2. After examining my hair a lady went to take a bottle of shampoo and let me know she'll be using that on me. That's when the ordeal begin.. She pour some water on my hair, put some shampoo and started scratching my head with her fingernails. Was so glad I decide not to do treatment! If that's how they treat one's scalp, I wonder how much torture does my scalp need to endure if I decide to go for the treatment..

3. When shampooing my hair, bits of foam drop all over me. On my dress, on my skin, I had to wipe it off on my own and she only said sorry when one huge piece of foam, fall on my chest. Too huge a piece to ignore.

4. After washing off the shampoo I was brought back to my seat. Semi blow dry my hair and left me there to wait. Yes, in an aircon room, left there to wait with hair still wet.

5. After a long wait my hair stylish comes over to trim bits of my hair and about 5mins later she left me to cut hair for another customer. To this point, yes my hair is still wet. She left clips on my hair and tell me she'll be back in a bit. Turn around and cut hair for another lady behind me.

6. This is another irritating bit. If the hairstylist is busy they could give me anyone else. There are at least another 2-3 hair stylist sitting around reading newspaper and chit chatting while I sat there and waited like an idiot.

7. After about 20mins or so, she returns to cut my hair where my next ordeal starts. I wonder if she's still a student because I've never been combed on my ear so many freaking times like it's not meat and not painful. -.-' And I don't know how but she manage scratch my face while putting serum on my hair. And I wonder how much of my hair did she tug out while blow drying my hair.

Stepped in at around 1.45pm. After so much waiting, finally came out at 3plus. Will not step in to the shop ever again. Nightmare!!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Photo Editing Aps

Downloaded 2 new apps on my phone..

Photo Wonder and LINE Camera.
Both have many frames and stickers.

Only issue for LINE Camera : Photos are cropped to a Square.

I really like Photo Wonder. For the extensive amount of frames and photo edit functions..

There's a function that can make you appear slimmer, and another to make your eyes bigger and another to make your skin smoother. I did all of those in the other photo, didn't seems like much cause I really look like alien if my face is any smaller and my eyes bigger.

Alien! hahahas.