Monday, April 30, 2012

All the food photos gathers...

Lazy blogger. Going to dump all the photos here and call it a day. :p I'm not even going to post every individual photo... Just going to collage most of them up and post them here. :P

Not in any sequence...

*If you're reading this at night, I would suggest you proceed if you have some snacks or supper ready.. :p

Saturday, April 28, 2012

bellabox - April 2012

This month's post is late because they send out the box late and I haven got the time to open it. :D

This month's theme is Flawless Beauty.
First idea that came into my mind was some really nice foundation or something like that..

 Box's really heavy and I got all excited opening it. :D

 The goodies for this month.

Not too happy with this product because..
I have combination and sensitive skin but this is for normal to dry skin. :(
Makes me wonder do they send the same items to everyone and if so, why did they let us fill in the beauty profile page. -.-''

Seems like a good mask, should be good enough for 1 use.

I'm quite excited about this. SPF25 PA+++. hahas
Tried on my hand, seems alright, not sticky, quite smooth actually. Going to try on my face later. :p

Yet to try this. :p Looks unique though.

These bottles made the whole box so heavy...
For some medical reason, I cannot drink this right now. :(
Anyone want to give this a try?

That's all for this month's box. Can't wait for next month's box to reach me soon! :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Bought these lovely eyeliners during a sale on Gmarket.
Couldn't resist the lure of pretty stuffs. :p

Items come bubble wrapped and with free samples for every purchase. :D

Bought Black, White (Undereye), Pink (Undereye) and Brown.

Delivery time needs improvement. Other than that, everything is fine.  Colours are quite nice. Doesn't smudge until much much later when skin gets too oily. Overall, not a bad eye liner. Priced reasonably too. :) Do note that this is not like those auto liners or liquid liners.. To sharpen it, you'll need to purchase sharpener if don't have one.

With Flash.

Without Flash.

Let it stay for a little while (30sec) and tried to rub it but it stays!!

 Cleaned off using Clinique's Take the day off makeup remover.

There are 2 shops you can choose from:

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Most Important Decision in My Life - Song Translation

范玮琪 - 最重要的决定
作词:姚若龙 作曲:陈小霞

我常在想 应该再也找不到
(It often crosses my mind, that I'll never find)
(anyone who treats me well like you do)
(You'll even look after my family)
(And my friends stands up for you)

(There's still a hint of bad habits that you can't kick)
(Even fairies can't stand your stubbornness)
(However there's too little things in life that's perfect)
(and we can't have everything)

(You're the most important decision in my life)
我愿意 每天在你身边苏醒
(I'm willing to wake up next to you every morning)
就连吵架也很过瘾 不会冷冰
(Even fights are with passion)
因为真爱没有输赢 只有亲密
(because there is no win or lose in real love, only affections)

(You're the most important decision in my life)
我愿意 打破对未知的恐惧
(I'm willing to break my fears of the unknown)
就算流泪也能放晴 将心比心
(Will care for you) - I don't know how to express this.
因为幸福没有捷径 只有经营
(There's no short cut for happiness, only through maintenance)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yes, we've finally gotten the keys.

As you read this ready short blog entry, we're busy packing stuffs, applying stuffs, looking for stuffs, cleaning stuffs, clearing stuffs, sourcing stuffs, working as usual, and preparing to move! :D

Took out these lovelies out from the cupboard to pack them. They are coming with us! Even though I've not found a suitable corner for them yet.. :p Defector squeezed them all into 6 super huge bags. :p

Wish us all the best! :p

Monday, April 09, 2012

Honey Color

Sent in my order last week, got them in less than a week. :D

All lens comes nicely pack in their boxes..

They have an on-going promotion of Free Express Shipping for purchase above USD100. To make full use of the free shipping, I decide to purchase a few more items. :D

Automatic Contact Lens Cleaner (Pink)

Rohto Lycee Eyedrops 8mL (for Contact Lens)

They don't sell Toric lens so I got these for events/dress up days, rather than day to day wear...

Geo Angel Brown

Geo Super Angel Gray

Candy/ King Size Violet

Neo Dali Extra Black

FREE GIFT - Contact Lens Travel Case (1pc)

FREE GIFT - Contact Lens Case

Can't wait to try these babies soon. :D

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tokyo Banana

Boss got these when he went back for 2 weeks. :D

Shaped like a banana, looks likes a mouse wrist rest pad.

Nice cake. :D Yummy.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

2nd Nuffnang Cheque

My Nuffnang Cheque came in! woohoo~~~

Doing nothing and money just comes in once in a while. It's not too bad really. :p
Especially when I'm tight on pocket money. S$50 can last me for quite a while.. This time I cashed out about 60bucks. Not bad considering I didn't need to do much. :p

If you have a blog, do consider giving nuffnang a try. I wouldn't promise you instant cash or constant payout, however when you do get a payout.. it feels like winning a small lottery, except that you didn't need to spend a single cent to purchase it. :D

Pretty Face Cosmetics Sale Apr2012

Day 1's Purchase

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