Sunday, March 25, 2012

bellabox - March 2012

You can read about my first bellabox here : FEB-First Box

This is March's Bella Box.

Previous box focus more on makeup.
This month's box's main items are more for Skincare/creams and stuffs.

My favourite so far, is the dermalogica toner. The rest doesn't interest me that much. :(
The S$15 would have been wasted if not for the toner really.. Retail price of the 250ml toner is about S$72. So for this 120ml it would have easily cost about S$40.

The toner is in a Spray bottle and I find that I really like toners in spray bottles! :D
They are so fuss free. :p Why don't more company have their toners in spray bottles? :(

Recently started adding a couple of derma products into my regular skincare regime.. Will blog more once I can confirm whether derma's IN or OUT for me. :)

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Young Werther said...

You should start selling your own mystery boxes.

Was in contact with a supplier in China, $10 only for Clinique moisturiser :)