Saturday, February 04, 2012

[ADV] Show your toys / Toys Exhibitionist

  • Do you have lots of collectables that you wish you could display them?
  • Cannot find a good display case that doesn't cost too much?
  • Or it's a hassle to collect/purchase because it's usually very bulky?

Unless you're the type who likes to spend lots of money on expensive collectables and hide them in their original boxes.. The following item I'm going to introduce to you might assist you one way or another in your quest to display your lovely possessions!

Toys Exhibitionist is the answer to your toy hobby display woes. :)

They specialize in creating Collapsible Acrylic Display Case so you can show off your toys without the worry of dust!

Currently they are offering cases in 2 sizes, ideal for: 1:6 scale 12" Figurines:
1. Dimension: L30cm x B30cm x H40cm
2. Dimension: L21cm x B15cm x H37cm

This is L21cm x B15cm x H37cm:
(Toy in photo is there to show you how your toy would look like inside the display box.
The toy is not for sale! Thank you! :) )

If you're looking at getting special sized cases, just email the owner and he might be able to work something out for you. :) Because these babies are being shipped from overseas, the more you purchase, the lower the cost will be!

*Special for readers!*
Just for my dear readers!
From now till 24th February 2012, quote "Uglyfatchick" when you send in your order for "L21cm x B15cm x H37cm" Box, to get S$2 off each box! *While stock last!

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