Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My favourite photo for CNY 2012. :D

The best thing about this CNY?
3 days of work and it's Weekends again! Swee ah.. :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not enough camwhore photos. :p

Guess makeup, skincare, less stress, drinking more water, sleep earlier and wake up early does help to keep one young.. Been receiving lots of compliments on my skin recently.. :D

These people are just too kind. :)

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 - Year of Dragon.

From many sources, 2012 would be a difficult year for me.
Well, there will be many many changes, some expected and some unexpected.

In case you're totally new to my blog or haven't been following my blog for quite sometime.. In the last 2-3weeks of 2011, I left my job of 1year 9months. Just 2 weeks ago, I started working in a new company. That's the first change. My plan is to adopt a more positive mindset and carry on my work hard spirit this year. Gam-ba-tte!

Next change, the current place I'm staying at, will soon be no longer be available to me and I need to move out. So currently Defector and I am looking at purchasing a house from the resale market. Many people asks us to wait as the prices for houses are set to drop soon (probably the first in many many years of going up, up, up..) But sad to say, we don't really have much choice as of current state.

With a place of our own, there's so much to do, so much to buy.. I'm really excited, cause I can finally have my own kitchen! Though not really looking forward to cleaning a whole house. Currently I only need to take care of 1 room and I feel like I've no energy already! :(

Then there's the Wedding! 22nd June 2012 (Friday). In about 5 months and I feel like I've so much more things to do!!! Anyone want to help me??? Those want to sign up for SISTERS group fill up form already?? I will ask Defector bring only Single and eligible BROTHERS. :p hahas. joking only ah.. though if got request I think I can ask ask ah... hahas..

That's all for now.. Hope everyone stay happy and healthy in Year 2012. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 week to CNY!

Not much CNY mood this year right?

Presents from vendors/colleagues brought me some CNY festive mood.. :D

1 inch trim.. hair ar hair.. Please grow faster.. I only left 5 months till my AD ah...

Gellish nails. Lots of compliments on this.
At least 2 strangers ask me where I did my nails.. :D

Red Packets (Ang Pows).

Anyway, this year as usual I overspent again. Bah.

Clothes bought.
Accessories bought.
Nails done.
Haircut done.
Facial done.

So this Lunar New Year I will be going more houses to collect ang pows to cover a little bit ah.. :p

Sheng Jun's Baby Shower.

Sheng Jun's my little nephew.
He took the "youngest in the house" post from me.
But it's okay.. since he's as cute as me. :P

Saturday, January 07, 2012

What do you want from the Government?

Gathered from all the comments I've read, I've compiled a list of wants.. If you can only choose any one of the below, what will you choose?

A. Security and Stability

B. Must have passion to help the needy, pay tagged to lowest income people about $500 a month or best if it's unpaid volunteer help

C. Must make sure every single one in the country got cheap food, got cheap house, got cheap domestic helper, got job and every year must increase pay 10% even if job scope stay the same and don't collect tax from everyone only collect from bosses ah cause they earn so much ah...

D. World class public transport that cannot be packed, must have seat every time you get on and must never breakdown, always on time and must every 1 min or best is every 30 seconds got 1 train to go everywhere, so will never be late and never have to wait for it cause it's world class de. not First class, Business class or Economy class.. it's WORLD class leh..

E. Domestic helper, construction workers, cleaners, teachers, doctors, nurse, engineers, officers, CEO, CFO, director, executives, all the office high pay jobs all must be Singaporeans so the country no place to learn "bad habits".

F. Weather report must be 100% true, and cannot ever flood. Best if can built one big big shelter cover the whole island so it will never ever cause flooding. If the water level raises from melting ice and cause flooding, the Government must find way to lower the water level without using much of tax payer's money, maybe all the public servants all take bucket then collect water and walk to desert to pour there.

Remember can only choose one only ah....
All I want is Security and Stability in my country.

So what do you really want from the Government?