Monday, December 31, 2012

Winnie's Full Month Celebration 30.12.2012

First I would like to Thank everyone who turn up and also apologise for not being a very good host.

Next I would like to apologise to those who I've not invited due to limited space in my tiny house. We decide to have a buffet at our house instead of booking a place as it's more difficult to book a place during end of year period. Our tiny den is not very huge so I could only invite a few people..

I'm kinda tired after today's event. So this will be a quick post with some photos.. :)

Gift from Thomson Medical.. Forget to take photo of it the other day. :P

Lovely Cupcakes!

Customised with Winnie's name. :)

Winnie's presents from all our friends and relatives. :)

Thanks everyone! :)

Buffet due to some reason wasn't to my liking though, next event will most probably use another caterer.

Winnie's First Hair Cut.
My Cutie Pie. :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Want to win a Mustache Watch?

Take part in The Luckiest Cloud's 2012 Year End Giveaway!
No purchase required! :) 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Too much Essence

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Present : Dolce Gusto Piccolo

Hubby's been really sweet this year, from house moving, to wedding, to taking care of me and Winnie.. He really should get a Christmas Present. :)

For the past few weeks, he has been waking up in the middle of the night to look after my cutie pie and me, so I figure a coffee machine would be the most useful present for him. :)

He wanted to get the Dolce Gusto Piccolo for a long while but didn't get it because I don't drink much coffee. Only coffee I take is probably Latte. :D Being stuck at home (due to confinement) means I can't go out to purchase the present, which turn out to be a blessing in disguise..

Manage to find this awesome deal on Qoo10. S$139 inclusive of delivery! The retail price for this coffee machine is S$189! For someone who is not working at all, saving S$50 is a huge amount of money!!

Got the Piccolo Red and used the S$10 Qoo10 coupon so in total I only paid S$129 and they send it to my house within 2 days! :D

Hubby remarked that I shouldn't have gotten it cause our kitchen currently doesn't have space for the machine. :P After he tried the machine, I'm quite certain he is totally in love with it! The coffee is almost equivalent to those selling in those branded cafes! At least it smells the same to me. :D

 Ending this random blog post with a photo of Mike sunning our cutie pie to clear Jaundice. *muacks hubby*

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now Playing: Chefville (FB) & Candy Crush Saga (App)

Been playing lot of these 2 games lately.

Chefville's a zynga game on Facbeook and Candy Crush Saga is on my android phone (can play on facebook too!)

Starting playing Chefville a few months back and haven really stop playing since.. They have many on-going quest and it's not that difficult to clear them. You don't need too many friends either, maybe around 10 will be enough. :) I might stop playing it if I keep being not able to finish those quest.. :P Recently they have far too many quest with time limit and I just can't finish them. :(

Candy Crush Saga is fun but I keep getting stuck at certain stages and it's kinda annoying when I only have 5 lives and I keep finishing them too soon. :( The time to "heal" takes too long and every little "help" prompts you to pay for them. Kinda makes it seems like that purposely make the game "un-passable" so you will spend money to purchase those "little helps". Just started playing this game a few days back, not sure if the "heat" can last. :P

Monday, December 10, 2012

Phewtick (App)

Downloaded an new app call Phewtick.

It's an app that allows you to earn money through meeting up with people!
I'm still exploring the app but I'm not meeting up with enough people to test this app out. :(

How to use this app :
1. Meet someone/anyone
2. Both parties open up their Phewtick app
3. Scan QR Code (either you scan his/hers or he/she scan yours.)
4. Meet up is recorded.

*Points are randomly allocated for each meetup and the points can be exchanged to cash.
Can be cashed out via Paypal or you can even choose to Donate the points to UNICEF or Red Cross!

Not sure if there's a minimum amount for cash out though. hmm..


In other news.. I've updated my wishlist at the sidebar. to include... :)
❤ Huggies Ultra Diapers for Newborn.
❤ Kiddy Palace Vouchers
❤ Jurong Point Gift Card

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I am a Mummy!

Since Sunday evening, I'm a proud mama of a 3.25kg baby. :)

I'm currently still in the hospital waiting for my painkillers and my seeing my little girl again.
They will be here after breakfast and it's taking kinda long......

My little girl is my other form of pain killer. Of cause I still need the medication to live though the day but seeing my little girl do lessen the pain a little. She makes me feel all those issues I've gone through and the pain that I'll have to go through while I recover is all worth it! :)

She's a mini version of Mike and me. Her every expression is so wonderfully cute to us and I can't help to smile whenever I look at her. :)

We would like to thank everyone who visited and also those who wished us through various media.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hello Kitty Seaweed Chips

Was at Taka after doctor's appointment on Thursday.
Saw this cute seaweed thingy and got hubby to buy them for me. :P
It's kinda expensive for seaweed... S$11 for 20g (1 can).  >.<

Bought 2 cans and it comes in a Box.

There were several flavors and after trying 2, I decide to get the brown rice one. :)

Sealed up can..

This is how it looks like inside. :)

Thin Seaweed...

It's actually 2 piece with stuffs in between.. This is brown rice. :)

Info on can..

and it's all gone within 20mins.. :P

Will I buy again? Maybe? If I'm feeling super rich? hahas..
S$11 for snacks is a little bit steep imo. Especially since I finished them in like 20mins. :P
I could get a meal for S$11.
Well, at least the can is cute... :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Re-discovering my MU stash.

Been neglecting my dress up cupboard for a long while..
Until recently I decide to relocate the items to clear the cupboard for Winnie's stuffs. :)

Found tons of treasure and junks. lol.
In order to save space, I had to ziplock my stuffs.
Unopened make up and still useable makeup packed into little bags and threw away all the old and expired makeup.. May need to spring clean my mu again when it's near CNY.. Cause I don't rmb when I got some of them. :P

I have like 40 pairs of fake lashes. hoho. Just never got to use them.. No events to go to leh..
Which reminds me, I've got to buy new glue and mu cleanser before CNY.. The last trip to Watsons I couldn't find the expensive spray thing they were selling. :(

These are 90% of what's left..

All the lip stuffs, for the sweetest pout in the world. hahas.
I keep thinking I don't have enough of them but seriously I still have at least 6 pieces still in their wrappers! :P

Brushes are like the best investment and they don't have short expiry dates! :D
If you buy lousy quality ones, not only will your mu be not as smooth, they'll scratch your skin too!

 Eye/Eyebrow stuffs.
My favorite eyebrow powder from makeupstore (black one with a big M) is going to expire soons. :(
I threw away like 15 eyeliners (mostly gel and liquid liners) cause I've kept them for far too long. :P

My favourite piece is a gift from a friend, it comes with a brush and it's really sweet. :D
Second favourite is the MAC one that I just bought. :)

Huge pack of all the bases plus a couple of highlighters..
There's like 4 items I've not opened to use. :P
So far Maybelline's products seems to suit me ok.
I've their Mineral Powder 2way Foundation, Liquid Foundation and BB Stick. heh.

 Most importantly, mu removers! I've a big bottle in the bathroom for normal makeup..
If I need to get rid of eye makeup, these are more useful. :)

Oh well, that's about all for now.
 Can't wait to use them again soons. :D

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Walk at Jurong Point + FREE Postcards!

Remember I mentioned about Jurong Point is like a food mall?
They have started dipping into ARTs too! :)

Not too long ago they had this short film box-theater thingy and now they have Art Walk!

This place links the bus interchange to the basement level of Jurong Point.. and I believe this is just a part of the Art Walk. :)

Down the escalator from the bus interchange..

You'll see an arrow pointing to the Art Walk. :)

I think it looks kinda cool.. It used to be just plain scary walls (it's a quiet walkway) and now it's filled with colours so bright that it makes your day better. :)

Colours That Promote Happiness. :)

If I didn't see people painting these with my own eyes I would have thought they just pasted decals over the wall. :P

Pretty wall. :)

Like I said it's a quiet little alley and I don't really dare to walk any further. :P

Even if you don't like the art, there's always FREE postcards! :D

Collected a whole bunch of postcards when I was young.. Wonder where did I put them... :P

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Popcorn! Toy Poodle


Click on the above link, watch video of cute popcorn and remember to vote!
Only 5 days left!
You can vote daily! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bellabox - September 2012

See all other month's Bellabox reviews here.

After last month's rant post, it's easy not to have much expectation for this box..

This month box is not that bad, but still not good enough to make me want to continue the subscription.

In this month's Box.
$10 Voucher
Storyderm Silk Mask (1 Sheet)
This Collagen Silk Mask from Korea is for firming, moisturising and brightening. Seems like something I could use. Will try it out soon..
JF Skin Solutions Acne Relief Cleanser Bar (20g) For oily Skin
So thankful they finally give me something for oily skin, well I guess my combination skin can still give it a try, at least they didn't give me any product for dry skin this time! This product is suitable for both face and body.

L'Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular shampoo 100ml
Though my hair's not very damaged, I believe I can still try this product. Smells nice, hopes it doesn't cause any issue to my sensitive scalp..

L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil (Nourishing Oil) 3ml For all hair types
This one smells good. Since it'll be used from mid to hair ends, I definitely can use this product without the fear of irritation to my sensitive scalp..

Savoir Faire Mini Lipstick 1.2g (407 Grace)
Makeup item! Me loves! The first product I tried immediately after opening the box. Though the shade is definitely not for me, I really like the sweet taste.. :)

Pink Mustache Necklace.
I didn't understand why there's a pink mustache necklace in a beauty box. After reading some reviews online it seems that this pink mustache is in support of Movember .  In case you're as clueless as me, Movember is a mustache growing charity event held annually, in the month of November, to raise funds and awareness for Men's health. Still doesn't have any link to beauty box, but oh well, since it's free.. I'm going to give it away to one of my customers. :P

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guess what is missing.

From 2 different restaurants at Jurong Point.

Picture 1 : No Straw.
Picture 2 : No Fork and the other pasta came plain without it's main ingredient (mushrooms)!

Without a straw I can still drink from the glass, but I seriously have to idea how to eat spaghetti without fork or chopsticks. I don't think I can eat steak with just spoon and knife either.

It's crappy to serve plain pasta when what we ordered from the menu is obviously not plain pasta. -.-''

It's silly and it makes me laugh but if it happens often, I don't think it'll be a laughing matter. Both times we were having our meals at non peak hours, both restaurants were not understaffed when these errors happen. Makes you wonder what the staffs are thinking about when they are working..

To clarify it's not stated that these staffs are new or trainee staffs either.

I'm not asking for very high level of service standard but missing important utensils or even serving when the dish is not complete kinda makes it very sloppy work. It's really unprofessional even for hawker standard, least to say coming from restaurants in malls.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Do you greet your spouse during bedtime and when you wake up?

Just some random thoughts the other day..

When your spouse is married to his/her job, you have to share him/her with his/her job.

If he/she is very close with his/her family, you have to share him/her with his/her family.

If he/she has many friends, you have to share him/her with his/her friends.

When you have kids, you have to share him/her with your kids.

The only time you have with him/her and it's not about kids, work, family, friends, meals, money, is probably good mornings and good nights. So remember to greet your partner with a smile in the morning and a good night kiss at night. :)

Friday, November 02, 2012

2012 Holiday Collection for Cosmetics

November-December is the Holidays seasons!

Typically around this period (September-October) there will be new collections and it's always such a joy to see all these pretty make up. *drools*

Though most of the time they are all too Party-ready with all the glitters and stuffs.
Not that it's a bad thing, but I look kinda old with red lipstick and glitter you know... Like erm.. Xmas tree with lights! :P

No one said with an empty wallet and bank account, one cannot drool at those pretty stuffs right? heh. So here's my 2cents worth from a make up dummy's point of view. Don't take it too seriously lah. I'm just a 没钱的宅主妇 (broke housewife).

Anyway this holiday I quite like M.A.C 's Holiday Collection: Glamour Daze
Tone seems more earthly with bits of shimmer. Blush, lipglass, eye pencil and nail polish seems very wearable to me. :D

Goggled and found 2 wonderful sites with swatches! It's makeupbytiffanyd (US) and Yuki'sLazyChannel (Taiwan). From M.A.C's website there's other holiday collections and one of it is a really pretty brush kit that makes me whimper in agony cause I'm just too broke to get them. :'(

Dior's Grand Bal is a little too grand in my opinion. Like the only option is a gown or long dress and nothing less would fit this set.

Chanel's Eclats du Soir de Chanel has this all grown up look. The dark nail polish and dark red lipstick will totally make me look like I'm still stuck in Halloween or something.

YSL's Northern Lights is pretty alright I guess, I could still use the Blush, Highlight Power and Top Coat.. but eyeshadow.. Hmm.. maybe the bright blue's a little not too suitable for my small eyes.

Lancome's Happy Holidays is all gold and red. Anymore red, it'll make me feel so CNY-ish. :P

By the way, anyone seen this year's deco at Orchard? It's so CNY-ish!!