Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to rest.

Those who "followed" me on FB will notice my most recent status regarding my employment status.

For the benefit of those who's not a friend on my FB or am too lazy to log in to read.. Here's it:
Officially left the company. Leaving behind 2 years of hardwork is not as easy as it seems but I still want to thank all those who gave me the opportunity to grow into who I am today. Will miss you all.. Take care and keep in touch! :)

Started as an Admin Assistant on 8th March 2010, I'm thankful to be given many opportunities to learn the ropes to various job scoops including Sales, Marketing, Management and Human Resource. Glad to have worked with everyone even though I've only worked with most of you for less than 6 months. Wishing everyone a great and happy Christmas~

Keep in touch~

Ex-Sales And Administrative Manager.

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Anonymous said...

wish you all the best for ur next job!!!jia you!!!