Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nail Addict Journal 29/Dec

Notice sometimes we purchase similar nail colours without realizing it? What you see on the bottle might not show the actual colour that will be on your nails.. Which is why I like to see people posting photos of swatches. :D

Today I'm going to show some of the common colours that I own and hopefully will ease your pain of trying to get the colour you want. :)

1. The Noticeable Pink Battle
China Glaze's Dance Baby Vs OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama

Dance Baby's pops up more, Sparrow Me the Drama's more pastel.

2. The Blue Greens Battle
OPI's Mermaid's Tears Vs China Glaze's Kinetic Candy Vs China Glaze's For Audrey

Mermaid's Tears's more of greyish kind of green, Kinetic Candy's more light bluish, For Audrey's quite close to Tiffany blue.

3. The Glitter's Battle
OPI's Servin' Up Sparkle Vs China Glaze's Techno Vs China Glaze's Fairy Dust

If you ask me, I would say Servin' Up Sparkle, Techno and Fairy Dust are pretty much same, only difference is that Fairy Dust doesn't have the holographic hexagonal pieces thingy and Servin' up Sparkle has more tiny glitters.

Servin' Up Sparkle - Holographic hexagonal pieces + more tiny glitters.
Techno - similar to Servin' up Sparkle but sightly lesser tiny glitters.
Fairy Dust - Only tiny holographic glitters.

If these doesn't help you make up your mind, maybe searching for more swatches will help you in making the choice. :D


rinaz said...

Sparrow me the drama is such a pretty colour, I love it! By the way, the trend here in Rome for ladies is always red nails. There are other colours too, but most women prefer red nails. It's interesting.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

yeah. In Singapore not a lot of people wears Red. I think it's due to the weather? Red is a very HOT number.. Not easy to carry off especially since it's already very HOT in Singapore. :P

Maya said...

Love your blog! You have amazing ideas!
You should follow my blog, I always follow back! :)

Sandra said...

I need both of those Opi pink nail polishes in my life.
Great post
I love your blog, lots of interesting stuff here :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thank you Sandra, I'm in LOVE with all my polish I wish I can wear all of them.. :p

mybeautychoice said...

OMG I looove these nailpolishes! Gorgeousss! :)