Friday, December 16, 2011

Nail Addict Journal 15/Dec

What do you do when your nail polish starts to chips?

Normal respond would be to clean them away using nail polish remover, right?

I do that too.. but not before I do a little experiment with it! :)

In 2011, one of the hits in nail polish would be Shatter Nail Polish. Just in case you've been leaving under the rock in the world of beauty, Shatter Nail Polish also known as Crackle Nail Polish are nail polish applied on top of a dried nail polish (as base) and cracks form while it dries, creating an unique artwork.

Pedicure done using OPI Katy Perry's Teenage Dream + Black Shatter by Michelle. :)

I've 2 Shatter colours from OPI, they are Silver Shatter and Black Shatter.
Base nail polish is China Glaze For Audrey + Matte Magic.

This is how Silver Shatter and Black Shatter looks like without top coat on..
Notice that silver shatter doesn't look as obvious as the black shatter..

But with a normal top coat on, the silver shatter looks more obvious and I actually prefer the silver shatter effect as compared to the black shatter with top coat on. How about you? Which effect do you prefer? :)

I've just remove all nail polish to let my nails breath.. till then..

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