Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Booth & a mini summury for November 2011

Camwhore. :P

November is so packed that I feel like I'm living 2011 in the whole of this month. :p

❤ At Work:
Shifted Office.
New Colleagues.
Colleague's Son's 1st Birthday Party

❤ Shopping:
Started online shopping at GMarket again (influence by ShaMei!).
Added some China Glaze and OPI to my nail polish collection. (I have to stop buying them!!)
Bought whole set of Prom Night clothes for my brother which includes Shoes, Shirt, Pants, Tie, Mask and Cardigan. Super BROKE now. :(

❤ 2 Family events this month.
20th - Cousin's Wedding in JB
27th - Grandmother's 80th Birthday Dinner

Photos up when I have more time to edit them. :p

❤ 4 Movies (mostly Midnight ones a J8's GV...) :D
- In Time
- You are the Apple of my Eye
- Puss in Boots
- Already Famous《一泡而红》(Support LOCAL Production! Worth it!! :D)

❤ Renovated and launched 4 Batches of Rings in The Luckiest Cloud.
Batch 1 : Love Connections
Batch 2 : Nana's Zoo
Batch 3 : Walk in the Park
Batch 4 : Something Imaginary

Now going to start coming up with the list of things to bring for my trip next week.
Monday and Tuesday nights are booked too. :D

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