Monday, August 15, 2011

Waited for about 1.5months..

and I'm finally going to get my coloured toric lens tomorrow... Muahaha..

Can't wait to open up the package (that's currently sitting in hubby's room) tomorrow after work.. Super excited!! Hope it didn't break or leak.. :(

Astig is becoming an issue for me, after wearing corrective cosmetic lens that only corrects degree, my asig power and degree both seems to snowballed overtime.. which finally caused me to make the decision to invest in toric lens in case my degree snowballs any further..

Currently I'm using those normal monthly toric lens that's lightly tinted. The ones I've just bought are coloured one and I can't wait to try them out.. :D

Gawd, I think I'm getting a bit naggy.. Just a simple post about my new lens which I've yet to try on and I've spent the past 10mins rambling on.. hahas.

Alright. I shall stop here and stop boring you girls with my random ramblings..

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