Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What I bought this GSS.

Just to keep a record.. :D
okie.. maybe these are not ALL but just some of those that I remember to take photo of.. :p

Skincare. Cleanser + Moisturiser.

Hair Brushes

Cotton round pads + other randoms tools.

My Toric Lens!

These babies are very comfy! :D

This was some clearance sales only S$2 each!

More stationary! A girl can't have too many stationary. :p

Sling Bag. Bought by hubby. S$89 or something. Mad ex. -.-'

4 Pairs of Shoes for S$100 :p

Going try this out soon. :D

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Anonymous said...

wowza i need a blow out shopping spree too!!! xxx