Saturday, July 02, 2011

backdated entry

11th June Dinner At Vivo with hubby.

The hubby is always on the phone. -.-

12th June Breakfast at Bishan J8 with hubby.

My Tea. :D

Cold drink in the morning? tsk tsk.. :p

His Breakfast.

Mine. :D

On the phone as usual..

18th June Dinner at Marina Square with hubby.

My dinner. :D

I dun really fancy dumplings as much as hubby does..

Chicky Feet so I can run faster and further..

See. He's on the phone again loh. *pouts*


Young Werther said...

Love chicken's feet!

Sangeetha Narender said...

even i have same complaint most of the times.. looks like men are men where ever they are :)
btw loved reading your blog, i came often earlier to only see not many posts, this time there were plenty to read :)
keep writing :)