Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Random thoughts while on my way home.

(Very random side note: I’m drinking fresh milk for dinner tonight. Have to take something before taking medication.)

1. Those who complains habitually are often those who are given opportunities but know not how to count their blessings. Like while complaining about your loved one not loving you enough, you’re not counting the blessing that you have at least someone to love. Or when you’re giving at task at work, you complain the work is too tough or too much, even before starting on it, count your blessing that you have at least a job, while some others gets retrenchment and can’t find any jobs due to low qualifications or age issues.

2. I truly believe while using the effort to complain about life being unfair, you're spending less effort in something that is more important. Like if you’re complaining to your friend on the phone during working hours instead of working, isn’t that wasting time that can further used to be improving your performance at work? I’m glad that most people I work with are hardworking people, giving their best in whatever they do, if not one day I sure vomit blood due to high blood pressure.

3. Lastly I’m very thankful for all my kind friends who put in the effort to make my day. Even though it could be just reminding me to breath, at least I know someone still cares. :D Muacks to all those who have been or are still here for me. :)

*lights out*

What I bought this GSS.

Just to keep a record.. :D
okie.. maybe these are not ALL but just some of those that I remember to take photo of.. :p

Skincare. Cleanser + Moisturiser.

Hair Brushes

Cotton round pads + other randoms tools.

My Toric Lens!

These babies are very comfy! :D

This was some clearance sales only S$2 each!

More stationary! A girl can't have too many stationary. :p

Sling Bag. Bought by hubby. S$89 or something. Mad ex. -.-'

4 Pairs of Shoes for S$100 :p

Going try this out soon. :D

Monday, July 04, 2011

Random Question:

Is it cheaper to buy LV and Long champ bags in Europe?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summary of Company Events. :D

Date: 24th June 2011 to 25th June 2011
Location: K Suites @ Iluma
Event: Reward for hitting Special Group Sales Target :D

Date: 30th June 2011
Location: Ember @ Hotel 1929
Event: Reward for hitting End-Month Special Group Sales Target :D

Date: 1st July 2011
Location: Man Fut Tong Nursing Home & Lions Home for the Elderly
Event: Company Annual Charity Day - July 2011

Saturday, July 02, 2011

backdated entry

11th June Dinner At Vivo with hubby.

The hubby is always on the phone. -.-

12th June Breakfast at Bishan J8 with hubby.

My Tea. :D

Cold drink in the morning? tsk tsk.. :p

His Breakfast.

Mine. :D

On the phone as usual..

18th June Dinner at Marina Square with hubby.

My dinner. :D

I dun really fancy dumplings as much as hubby does..

Chicky Feet so I can run faster and further..

See. He's on the phone again loh. *pouts*

Friday, July 01, 2011

found a long lost eating place.

but was disapointed. :( It's not opened. :(

Super sads cause I was searching for this place for years already!!!
Since it moved out of Heeren many years back.. :'(

When will I get to eat their really nice food again?? :(