Thursday, June 30, 2011

Statues at RafflesCity

These statues appearing at Raffles City are drawing quite a crowd.

They look almost like real statues and that's really cool.

They sometimes moves around in a "statue" way which makes it very "magical".

Okay. maybe the eyes do look a bit scary. :p

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean makeup/skincare

This is random.

Anyway I order a bunch of things a month back..
and got them early this month.. Just another random post. :D

Comes packed in a box.

First thing I see are the samples. :D

Everything is bubble wrapped. :D

Loads of samples. :D

Tony Moly Eyeliner in Pearl Navy. Includes international registerd postage S$12.90.

Faceshop Clay Nose Peel-off Mask. S$9 include international postage.

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Scrub. S$3 include international postage.

Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder 2.5g & Concealer Cream 10g
at S$15.70 & S$13 repectively (both including international postage.)

No time to try all these babies.. :p

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spicy Pasta

Another day I was out with another Friend. Went to Taka's Kino to get some magazines, cause there was a sale going-on. :D 20% off is alot okay! :p

Anyway I was hungry and was craving pasta so we went into a shop that sells bread and other food like pasta. :D

This is the place. :D

I think they sell organic food.

My ice lemon tea. :D - my saviour!!

The pasta that looks really small plate and harmless is actually very spicy!

I'm glad I managed to finish it. :D

The next time I crave spicy pasta.. this is the place to go.. :p

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lousy Service + lousy food.

Sometime back I went out with my friends to have dinner. We walked from Cityhall to Iluma cause we wanted a change.

We were hungry and chose a Japanese restaurant we've not tried before since it's still open..

Cute Lil box for Toothpick. :D

My Meal. Not so fresh fish. -.-

The worse over-cooked Edamame I've ever had. -.-'

Friend A's Meal. Too spicy and too Korean then Japanese. lol.

Friend B's Meal. Meat too fatty. Minus flour, it's like more than 50% of it is fat. -.-'

Worse meal so far. :(

Skinniest Shishamo I've seen so far.

Skinny and small. :p

Taste-less Squid. -.-

Hard and tasteless. :(

The service is so poor I really have to rant here..
We ordered our meals with green tea. We were almost done with the meal and yet no drinks can be seen. Had to request for our tea to be served. -.-'

Whenever we want to order food, or call for the bill, there's always no one around to serve us. Totally regret stepping in. Guaranteed 3 of us will not step in again.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Another touching mv..

我在拼 什麼 在意什麼最多
就怕最在乎的人 也不想懂

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dear blogshop-junk-mail-senders

Dear Spammer,

Firstly if you do not have your own mailing list, please create you own and not simply copy from somewhere. This is call information stealing and it shows how lazy the business owner is, thus ensures that no one would want to support LAZY business owners

Simply copying other's mailing list without asking the receivers if they would like to subscribe to it. It's liken to forcing people to see your advertisements! If you think this is right, I seriously doubt anyone taught you civil and moral education in school or at home.

Secondly, email is something personal just like your mobile numbers, how would you like it if someone passes your number around and you receive 100s of calls or smses a day from people you don't know asking you to purchase things from them? Wouldn't you be pissed?

Thirdly, if you have not learn the simple thing call respect, I don't think you are fit to do business and I will not support your business.

Lastly, What right do you have to say please delete or ignore your email if we're not interested? These emails have become an eyesore and is disrupting our lives. If you're on your way to work or school and in a hurry and yet you have to go through a road of 20 people passing out flyers which you have the right to reject, but will you not be affected?

I'm simply stating facts and if you're unhappy with it, you may show this to your parents and even your teachers and ask them if anyone of them likes to receive junk mails in their email and what they think of people who sends these mails.

Am sending this to all who sends me junk mails because I hope you girls can learn to respect people's privacy, understand your customer's needs and hopefully to stop thinking selfishly.