Sunday, May 29, 2011


About 490 photos taken that night.
I don't know how to sort/edit those photos. So I just randomly choose about 20+ photos for this post. :D

Most of the photos taken by sis, I simply just went to enjoy the show..
Laugh, cry, scream like a mad lady. :p

It's really really really awesome! :D

After work, I rushed to meet Sha Mei so we can quickly make out way to Stadium Station.

Spotted a huge crowd even before we're near..

Scary Crowd!!

Pair of excited sisters can't wait to see their husband. :D

Help sis take a photo with "what's-his-name-again?"

Total Damage only 1 furry tail + 2 lanyard cause most things are OOS even though we're not very late. :(

Sis with our furies.

Random. :p

Eek, I just realise I put too much eyeliner. :p

and.. we're in!!

So near but yet so far feeling. :(

Lao gong!

Mad loves. :D



Naughty hubby. :p

Cute-ness :D

Since young he have that sad sad de look..


Can't wait for him to be back. :D

The chair suddenly spoilt so this guy in front of us had to sit on the "back" of the chair while waiting for our turn to leave the stadium..

Sis's re-entry chop.

End of entry.

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