Tuesday, May 24, 2011

23rd Birthday Treat (Part 3) 8 May 2011

The day before my actual birthday, met up with my hubby and Sha mei for dinner.

On our way to dinner, we say this cute mascot. :)

A bar of Chocolate. :D

A very gugu looking photo of me. -.-'
Guess who took this photo?

Here's my Sha mei. :D

Dinner was at Marina Square's Xin Wang.

Sha Mei's Dinner.

Dinner sharing with hubby.

Beef noddle.

Sis with her drink.

I don't like this ice-cream.

My prata with curry.

Must-order dish. :D

QQ de. :D

Coconut steam milk or somethin de..

Papaya milky or something. I dun like it.

Random. :D

I still have some photos with sis.. hahas.

Our camera are the 主角s hahas.

End of Entry.

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