Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping Day: 29 May 2011

Someone please stop me from buying more things!!!
I've overspent already ah.. :p

Just wanted to use my S$10 Birthday voucher but end up got psycho by the auntie to buy more things.. :P

Next time I see her I MUST NOT enter the shop!!

Ordered these online and got them last night. Awesome! :D

Ordered on 28th May around 1AM and got them on 29th May around 7-8PM.
Fastest delivery ever! :D
Damage: S$54.30 (inclusive of door-to-door delivery!)

My old ugly mouse kept "hanging" so I bought a new mouse. :D

Since I'm changing to a Hello Kitty Pink Mouse, might as well get a Hello Kitty Pink Keyboard to go along with it too? :D

When in use, my mouse "lights up". :)

I also bought 2 pairs of shoes to replace 2 other pairs that didn't survive my tortures..
1 Cute display to be placed in office.. Will post photos of it after I unwrap it. :D
Some random makeup stuffs from Korea which should reach sometime early June. :D

Does anyone have any way to stop shopping or snacking urges?
I think I might be stressed or something, cause I've been shopping and eating non-stop lately. :(

End of entry.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


About 490 photos taken that night.
I don't know how to sort/edit those photos. So I just randomly choose about 20+ photos for this post. :D

Most of the photos taken by sis, I simply just went to enjoy the show..
Laugh, cry, scream like a mad lady. :p

It's really really really awesome! :D

After work, I rushed to meet Sha Mei so we can quickly make out way to Stadium Station.

Spotted a huge crowd even before we're near..

Scary Crowd!!

Pair of excited sisters can't wait to see their husband. :D

Help sis take a photo with "what's-his-name-again?"

Total Damage only 1 furry tail + 2 lanyard cause most things are OOS even though we're not very late. :(

Sis with our furies.

Random. :p

Eek, I just realise I put too much eyeliner. :p

and.. we're in!!

So near but yet so far feeling. :(

Lao gong!

Mad loves. :D



Naughty hubby. :p

Cute-ness :D

Since young he have that sad sad de look..


Can't wait for him to be back. :D

The chair suddenly spoilt so this guy in front of us had to sit on the "back" of the chair while waiting for our turn to leave the stadium..

Sis's re-entry chop.

End of entry.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Shopping Day: 22 May 2011

Enjoied last Sunday with hubby.
Just the 2 of us. :)

Woke up late on Sunday, travelled all the way to the east.
Had Brunch at Tampines 1's Dian Xiao Er.

Cute Hello Kitty Car. :D

Took train all the way to Orchard.
Walked around in a packed Kinokuniya, and window shopped in Wisma..
Had high tea during late noon at TCC. :D
Damage: S$30+++.

Then walked to ION to shop at my favourite shop in ION. :D
Damage: S$118!!

Fruitful day. :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23rd Birthday Treat (Part 4) 9 May 2011

Must be very boring to see the same title everyday right? :p
Be glad, cause this is the last part of my 23rd Birthday celebrations. hee.

On actual day..
Sis suddenly appeared at my workplace with my Birthday present. :D
Very thoughtful of her and Serene to get me presents. :)

Something from The Icing Room..

Sweet! :D

Cute bears with a balloon and chocolates. :D

Love you both too. :)

After celebrating in the office, I had dinner with one of my colleague, Chloe. :)

We decide to try a new place call Soup Broth Asia.

She gave me a treat and we both don't think we'll be back again. :(

The only item we didn't whine about. :p

My sides..

Chloe's sides..

We had the same soup and we both didn't like it. :(

Alright.. that's the end of all my 23rd Birthday Treat entries. :D