Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 2

21th September 2010 (Tuesday)

Breakfast at Hotel. Small spread of the usual international buffet style.
Porridge, Bread, Cereal, rice, salad.
Thumbs up for changing some of the food variety everyday. :D
After breakfast we walked around to understand the area better.
Even on holiday I keep thinking of work and guess what I saw?
JOSEPH. lol. (One of my supervisor's name). :p

Walk back to hotel to pick up stuffs we need to put at the photo studio.
Hubby's super heavy suit + my shoes. :D Camwhore while waiting for train.
I like their trains, similar to our MRT. Brings us everywhere and not as packed as our trains!

We were too early for the appointment, decide to walk around the area.
Scorching sun! I got minor case of sunburn. My skin turn red. :(

After many hours or walking around the area. When I say walk around I mean my husband actually make me walk from station to station. -.-'
Super tiring but honestly only through walking on the ground that one can really experience more. :)

Finally time for appointment. AIRCON! :p
Say hello to all these pretty dresses. :D
These dress have the ablity to give me shape! So difficult to chose only 5 outfits, I think I spent super duper long picking and trying a lot of dress. :p

Hubby only spent like 10mins? -.-'


Done with choosing outfits, went to XiMenDing to get hubby's hair cut.
Manage to catch some sleep while waiting for hubby to have his hair washed and cut.

After haircut I went to buy a couple of CDs then went to this ramen shop nearby to eat something. Not too bad, both of us like the soup. :)

After food it's SHOPPING / Night Market Food time!
Went to the famous Shilin Night Market.

Bought 2 dress that is something different from my usual tee and short style.
Got a blazar for work. Totally regret didn't buy more cause the blazar is really very comfortable leh. :p While walking back to hotel from the train station went into one of the shops and bought a pair of shoes to match the new style of clothes. :D

On the train back saw fireworks, failed to capture it nicely. :(

End of Taiwan Trip Day 2.


Young Werther said...

Nice, looks like you had a great time. Love the guo-tie with scrambled eggs :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yeah. I miss Taiwan.. Can't wait to go there again! :p