Friday, October 15, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 1

Too many photos, so I've got no choice but to collage all of them. :D

20th September 2010 (Monday)

Hubby and I went to the airport in the morning to have breakfast.
He want to have a haircut before flying but the shop wasn't fully open by then. -.-''
Breakfast: Chicken Rice since I'll miss local food most when I'm overseas..

Sent goodbye messages out to family and friends.
Worried about my brothers and office the most.
Super excited about the plane ride cause it's 4hrs!!! :D

4hours plus and we reached Taiwan! Wee~~~
Look who's there to welcome me? :p
Hubby Jiro! :D
So paiseh taking the photo cause a lot of people looking at me like I'm mad like that. -.-'

Our hotel is 1hour ride away from the airport.
Due to the bad traffic jam we reached much later. :(
Dandy Hotel is my favourite hotel throughout my entire trip in Taiwan. Will definitely stay with them when I'm there again. :D

Since it's late we decide to visit the nearest shopping mall nearby.
First meal in Taiwan. Not cheap. :(
Everything seems so expensive in the shopping mall end up hubby decide to bring me to XiMenDing to walk.. Bought a cute jacket and some toiletries. :D

End of Taiwan Trip Day 1.


Young Werther said...

Nice toilet :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yes! I think I miss the toilet! hahas.