Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been busy at work.

Someone took 2 weeks leave so I had to cover her job while someone else covers mine.

New system introduced at work, working out notes for everyone.
Everyone's saying I look like I'm a stock broker cause I'm using 2 computers. -.-
1 server for the new system, 1 for normal day to day usage.

Too busy with work that every night I'm too tired to blog. :(

When my colleague's back, my supervisor will be going for his reservist and I'll need to cover his duties.. Sweet! Pray I'll not screw things up! Totally fear screwing up and getting fired! :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 3

22nd September 2010 (Wednesday)

The day that I Walk and Shop till I Drop.
After breakfast, laze around a bit before moving out.
First place - LongShan Temple!

The temple looks normal outside but inside it's like a mini maze to me!
And everywhere you turn there are people. It's a weekday afternoon yet it's super pack!

It's been raining for the past 2 days, so I decide to wear my jacket out.
Wrong choice!!
It's so hot that after the temple visit I had to take my jacket off and poor hubby have to carry it for me cause he's the only one with bag. :P

After temple visit we decide to go Miramar.
Those who often watch Taiwan drama will find this place very very familiar :D
Notice the difference with my hair?? Sweats! -.-'

There is this huge bowl thingy outside the shopping mall and hubby tell me it's ash tray build for smokers. I actually believe him until I turn my head and notice another one with plant on it. -.-''

Got bored after a while and decide to go find food.
They have special place for ladies to wait for train at night.

If you're visiting Taiwan must try their Lu Rou Fan.
The whole trip we tried a total of 3 places and the best is the first one we went..
the famous Formosa Chang!
I can have 2 bowls of rice at 1 go. :D And I also like their bitterguard soup. :D

After filling our tummies, we walked to this wholesale place (Too many cars on the streets so I only bought 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of skirt with shorts underneath), walked to raohe night market also didn't buy much (1 romper). -.- Then walk and took train and walk to another night market which we found on the map. Totally glad I married a man who can read maps and bring me go shopping. :D oh I bought 1 vest, 1 dress, 1 romper, 1 shorts and 1 pair of shoes there! :p

End of Taiwan Trip Day 3.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 2

21th September 2010 (Tuesday)

Breakfast at Hotel. Small spread of the usual international buffet style.
Porridge, Bread, Cereal, rice, salad.
Thumbs up for changing some of the food variety everyday. :D
After breakfast we walked around to understand the area better.
Even on holiday I keep thinking of work and guess what I saw?
JOSEPH. lol. (One of my supervisor's name). :p

Walk back to hotel to pick up stuffs we need to put at the photo studio.
Hubby's super heavy suit + my shoes. :D Camwhore while waiting for train.
I like their trains, similar to our MRT. Brings us everywhere and not as packed as our trains!

We were too early for the appointment, decide to walk around the area.
Scorching sun! I got minor case of sunburn. My skin turn red. :(

After many hours or walking around the area. When I say walk around I mean my husband actually make me walk from station to station. -.-'
Super tiring but honestly only through walking on the ground that one can really experience more. :)

Finally time for appointment. AIRCON! :p
Say hello to all these pretty dresses. :D
These dress have the ablity to give me shape! So difficult to chose only 5 outfits, I think I spent super duper long picking and trying a lot of dress. :p

Hubby only spent like 10mins? -.-'


Done with choosing outfits, went to XiMenDing to get hubby's hair cut.
Manage to catch some sleep while waiting for hubby to have his hair washed and cut.

After haircut I went to buy a couple of CDs then went to this ramen shop nearby to eat something. Not too bad, both of us like the soup. :)

After food it's SHOPPING / Night Market Food time!
Went to the famous Shilin Night Market.

Bought 2 dress that is something different from my usual tee and short style.
Got a blazar for work. Totally regret didn't buy more cause the blazar is really very comfortable leh. :p While walking back to hotel from the train station went into one of the shops and bought a pair of shoes to match the new style of clothes. :D

On the train back saw fireworks, failed to capture it nicely. :(

End of Taiwan Trip Day 2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 1

Too many photos, so I've got no choice but to collage all of them. :D

20th September 2010 (Monday)

Hubby and I went to the airport in the morning to have breakfast.
He want to have a haircut before flying but the shop wasn't fully open by then. -.-''
Breakfast: Chicken Rice since I'll miss local food most when I'm overseas..

Sent goodbye messages out to family and friends.
Worried about my brothers and office the most.
Super excited about the plane ride cause it's 4hrs!!! :D

4hours plus and we reached Taiwan! Wee~~~
Look who's there to welcome me? :p
Hubby Jiro! :D
So paiseh taking the photo cause a lot of people looking at me like I'm mad like that. -.-'

Our hotel is 1hour ride away from the airport.
Due to the bad traffic jam we reached much later. :(
Dandy Hotel is my favourite hotel throughout my entire trip in Taiwan. Will definitely stay with them when I'm there again. :D

Since it's late we decide to visit the nearest shopping mall nearby.
First meal in Taiwan. Not cheap. :(
Everything seems so expensive in the shopping mall end up hubby decide to bring me to XiMenDing to walk.. Bought a cute jacket and some toiletries. :D

End of Taiwan Trip Day 1.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I am back from 12-days holiday. :D

Went to Taiwan for Wedding Photoshoot + have a little break.
My room's a mess and I've tons of emails to clear. :(
Will update with photos soon.. Those who have me on Facebook can check out all the photos. :)