Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday had dinner with colleagues after work. It's only us girls so we were chatting about slimming issues. After dinner we went to Watsons to walk around since it's once of the last few shops to close. :p

One of them wanted to get this product that supposedly helps to shapes face.

Initially didn't want to buy it cause it's S$30+++ and kinda not in my budget lah. Then when my colleague was paying for her item, the cashier reminded me that I've some member points which I can use to offset part of the payment. So I end up buying 1 tub for myself. :p

Got a S$11 "rebate" which I later on spend on a useless Wedding Magazine S$13.80. -.-'' argh!

Going to start using it today and hopefully it will slim my chubby cheeks down before the photoshoot! :D

Which means I will never have to stick my tongue out in photos just to look like I have V shape face again. :P

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