Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EOS contac lens ~

Ordered date: 15 July.
Total inclusive of registered postage: S$67.04
Got my hands on items: 15 August.

Comes with free lens casing... :)

Pretty? :D
Remember to soak in normal lens solution for at least 8 hours before wearing oh! :)

The lens I ordered. :)

Tried GBK-3.
Quite comfortable during the day but towards the end of the day my eyes start to become red I think due to the fact that I wore it for too many hours. :p

The enlarging effect is very obvious.

Got to let my eyes rest for a day or two before I try something else.
Which one should I try next? Pink? Violet? :D


Young Werther said...

$67 for 8 pairs??? Little wonder your eyes were red! Gotta be careful with the cheap stuff...

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Werther: For 4 pairs lah. Your maths failed. :p

Anonymous said...

WOW! thats cheap! Where did u buy the lens from?