Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo update of my life. :D

It's super busy June for me..

First Sunday of June, I had a lil bazaar stall at Bishan Active Park.
Sales was terrible. :( But my friends soon appear to cheer me on. :D
Then I went out with Shaxiaomei, met up with AuntSerene & DaddyPhua for "family" dinner. :)

Random treats for myself.. :D
Interesting Fact: I don't buy dolls for myself. All dolls are either gifts from others or caught by myself. :D

19 June (Saturday) I decide to put try this sample foundation thingy which I got as a GWP from some local magazine. I think it's HerWorld June's issue if I'm not wrong.. I think it makes me look a little pale. :( The bakery aunty thought I'm from Vietnam. Vietnam girls are pretty. ^_^

Met Shaxiaomei after work for dinner. We at some combo meal thingy at AMK's Pepperlunch. First time feeling full from pepperlunch. :p

Since we had dinner early, we had spare time.. so.. We went to look for entertainment!
Decide to catch Toy Story 3 in 3D! woo hoo~~

Movie's great! It's so funny that I actually laugh quite loudly. :p Teared near the ending.. Totally worth the price and I haven pay for my tickets yet!! -.-' Sis, give me your acc number??

After movie, we decide to hang around in the arcade for a while..

Then.. we did the unthinkable... We actually took neoprints!! lol.
Since it's only $3, we played with it loh. Super funny cause there's no display screen for us to see (the screen spolit), so we used our "skill" and "experience"to navigate ourselves.. One of the shot was taken when sis pull me over and I nearly fall down..

While waiting for the neoprint to be printed out, I went to insert a $1 coin into one of those doll catching machines. Somehow by luck I manage to catch the doll. -.-' This suprised a couple who was watching nearby and was commenting that it's very hard to catch the doll.. lol.

Poor hubby been working the whole day yet I dragged him to camwhore. :p
Pardon the "drunk looking"photos. We were just very tired from being outside the whole day..

Okie.. it's 2.44am, and I need to go sleeep now.... Nights peeps!


Anonymous said...

wow! sis, you so lucky. i love doraemon. i spent lots of money also cannot manage to catch one. next time, you show me the trick, okie?

Young Werther said...

You're wearing hubby out! Look, he can barely keep his eyes open :)