Friday, April 30, 2010

This fashion, Bodyshop & Watson

What does this 3 shop/brands have in common?
I have their membership card and I am planning to make full use of their birthday promos!!!

If you have lot of items to purchase from this fashion/watsons/bodyshop, do let me know! ;)

Oh. I just bought something to pamper myself. heh.
It's payday! I've worked for another month. woohoo~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bows bows and more bows! :)

Mini Bows, Big Bows, Huge Bows!

Too bad I can't wear them to work.. :p

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's random.

Random Picture of Owner.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Counting Down!


Counting down to happy stuffs = motivator.
Counting down to expenses = depressing.

1-2days till I see my cpu again.
4 days to payday!
5 days to Labour Day.
13 days to Mother's Day.
13 days to 22nd Birthday.
Less then 5 months to photoshoot.

I know.. WTF right?
My Birthday falls on Mothers Day this year.
No extra cash to buy nice stuffs for my mommy. :(
Dinning out will be really expensive too. Bah..

How will I be celebrating birthday? I don't even dare to think about it..
I need to save up for the wedding photoshoot because it's overseas and I need to spend on food, transport, lodging, air tickets, shopping, manicure/pedicure, hotel stay, shoes, entrance fees, etc.. Current savings is barely enough to get me through 1 day and I need to save enough to survive for 10days!! :(

So if you really want to get me birthday present, please give me Cash Vouchers or Red Packets okay? Supermarket vouchers also can lah, can help me cover a bit of groceries. :p

Okie, got to go get some beauty sleep, panda eyes come out liao.. O.O

Monday, April 26, 2010


This service started a few years back and I really love it!
No more waiting for operator to pick up your call!
Or cabs going to the wrong location because of miscommunication! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am tired.

Was sick for 2.5days last week.
Though I'm better now, I still feel really tired. :(

It's as if I didn't get better..
Maybe it's me trying to chiong work, maybe it's being alone at home sometimes, maybe it's just all the stress I give myself..

Okie, it's late. I'm gonna sleep....

Friday, April 02, 2010

Job Finding Experience.

Since someone requested, I shall blog about this a little..

Graduated with a Private Diploma in June 2009 and that's when I stated my job hunt. Knew I was going to move house soon, so I looked for temporary job nearby my parent's place in the South.

Worked for 5 months as a finance temp in a food and beverage company and then I did the unthinkable.. I actually left the company to rest while looking for a permanent job! Huge mistake!

If for any reason, you want to quit, always and I really mean ALWAYS make sure you got something else to do!!! Or a very huge savings account!

I went jobless from end of November 2009 all the way to Early March 2010! I was online all the time, searching through job websites for job opportunities and sending resumes once every couple of days.

In December 2009, I legally became the official Mrs W, and used a great part of my savings for the event.

Meanwhile, as my job searching continues.. I went for a couple of interviews all over the place. Mainly in the central area as I didn't know which area I will be moving to. Millennium Walk, Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place, Sommerset and even some ulu industrial area in Upper Thomson.

Every interviewer tells me the same thing... We will contact you if you're shortlisted. And then I didn't hear from them again... Okay maybe not 100% never, cause a certain telecom service provider wanted to give me another chance for a interview but by then I actually manage to get a job already. :p

By mid February (Chinese New Year), I had thoughts of giving up job searching for a while and concentrate on my online business (which was not doing very well at the time because I didn't have the capital to get more stocks to sell.)

Start of March I was ready to give up when I receive a call for interview on Friday late noon for a interview on Saturday noon. I planned for it as the last interview until I move to my new place in mid March.

And... 30min after the interview, I got the job!! Woohoo~ Maybe it's the age of interviewer or something.. Somehow felt that we could click better.. Easier to open up and tada~ :) Or maybe I'm was really desperate for a job. :p

Conclusion: Looking for a job doesn't only need a clean resume + "interview homework". You would also need to believe in yourself, have the "never say die" attitude and some "缘分" too! :)

Those looking for a job, all the best and may you find a suitable job soon!