Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 (Part 1)

Tickets courtesy of

Too many photos, thus decide to seperate into a couple of posts. :)
Woke up at 6am to edit some of the photos to write this post.. Spent more than 3hrs on this post alone.. Now got to go get ready for work. *zombie panda eyes* O.O

Managed to get a pair of free tickets, so decide to bring ShaMei along.. (Last year, she got the tickets, this year I got it. :p)

Seated a little far back :(

We were there on time, in fact quite early. :p

Pink Balloons! But they let if off into the sky. -.-'

Huge Balloon. ;)

Slipped out of someone's hand...

They manage to get some more balloons..

ShaMei treat me to MuaChee.. ;)

Artist from Liao Zhai Rocks.

Dance.. Music to get everyone high. :)

Camwhore to pass time..

Sky starts to darken.. 7.19pm, event has yet to start.

After complainning to the staff about the board obstructing the view of those at the back, they finally removed it! Yippe!

I went straight from work, didn't wear makeup that day lah.. no time. :p

Rushing work at IR.

MCs for the night kept changing?
Personally I think some DJs are better off on the radio then on a live event show..
Not that I can do better, but I'm sure that there are others who can do a better job..

Finally, the artist are in the house! Red Carpet!!!

Eek, I forgot who these people are. Sorry. :p

Budak Pantai & 刘玲玲

Know who's this?

Yups, it's 陈伟联.

He nearly tripped over because the girl who brought him to the stage didn't tell him that there's a step on stage. -.- Either she too nervous or she doesn't really care..

Senior and 2 Jr. From Singapore. Guess who?

Clearer now?

It's A-Do!

and By2!

Next, there was some mix up, and the MCs says that it's 梁文音, but out came.. Some cute artist from Taiwan. lol.

Instead of admitting it's their mix up, they decide to say that it's a "suprise". (-.-')

小鬼黄鸿升!!! CUTE!!!!

He kept asking how's the people at the back.. Me and Ber scream like teenage girls. lol.

Finally the very pretty and cutesy 梁文音. :)

Adorable "couple" 林宥嘉 (Yoga) & Olivia.
They were holding hands on stage because the MCs says they would look better that way. hahas. very cute lurh..

陈豪 was here to collect award too! Very tall and cute in real life. ;)

The long time no see, Tanya Chua.

Didn't really change much?

And finally.. The one that almost everyone is waiting for..

Cute boys.

One of them. Paiseh, Didn't manage to capture all of them with my louya camera skill..

End of Part 1.

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Love the photos, especially the one of the hotel with the soccer fields on the roof :)

Has the casino opened?