Monday, March 08, 2010

Save save save.

No, I'm not advertising for that supermarket. hahas.

As more and more people slowly start to shop again, I think there's one type of site that is growing as well. That is.. Sites that have coupons to have people save!

I was searching for some Savings coupons and came across :)

They have coupons for many big names! Like SONY! & Apple?

Some of the coupons that I think are quite hot would be, Sephora & Victoria's Secret!
Sephora for the cosmetics items and VS for Intimates. ;)

If you're looking for travel related stuffs, can try Southwest promotion code & Travelocity coupons! :)

You can search for coupons by Stores, by brands or even item categories! is a user friendly site. For example, you're not sure what coupons is hot and really worth it.. Once you click on the Categories tab, you will see the Top Coupons in the site for the last 7 days! Isn't that sweet of them?

You can even search for coupon by category + the type of coupon you're looking for! Let's say you're searching for a coupon that has free shipping for Party Supplies. You can click on "party supplies" in the categories, followed by the "free shipping" tab on the top. Which will show you this! Free Shipping Coupons for Party Supplies! It's that cool? ;)

If only I have more cash.. :9 I wanna go shopping leh... :(

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