Sunday, March 07, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest. :)

Taken on Vday / First day of CNY.

It's your birthday today and I forgot to wish you at 12am. bleah.
You're sleeping so soundly behind me, makes me don't bear to wake you up just to say Happy Birthday. :p

This is the first time I'm celebrating it as your wife and I feel very lousy. Being jobless for a few months, I'm practically quite broke now. No presents on your birthday I already feel really bad. :( Now I even missed wishing you on the dot. bah.. I feel like a bad wife already lurh. :'(

Now I am waiting for my hair to dry before I can snuggle in bed. Should have bathed before watching the dvd movie lurh. Now I don't even know what time my hair is going to dry...

OMG! It's 3.20am already!

Alright, I shall end this post abruptly with a act cute photo of me..

1 comment:

Young Werther said...

Happy Birthday you lucky guy... so what was for dinner? Noodles? Gotta have noodles!

P.S told you to go apply for a position as a bank teller!