Monday, March 01, 2010


So some time back my ShaXiaoMei intro to me a taiwan drama call KO.3 San Guo. It's a comedy drama. So as you all know.. I am currently still jobless.. So I decide to watch this drama.. Btw, I'm at episode 41/42 now. :D

So in this drama there is this character call 周瑜 (Zhou Yu). Zhou Yu in the show is someone who is very smart. Someone who's so smart that no medicine can "cure" him and make him not so smart. -.-

He is smart in everything except his love interest, Xiao Qiao (Xiao Qian). Xiao Qiao is someone who is someone who is a little bit blur and clumsy but she follows her heart in everything she does.

They love each other to the point they are willing to die for each other. Because Zhou Yu doesn't understand Xiao Qiao's heart well enough, so they have a bit of conflict.. Zhou Yu always thinks for their future. Xiao Qiao want him to spend more time with her. She feels that he views his future and work as more important than spending time with her.

Hubby is like Zhou Yu, maybe not the smartest guy on earth but always thinking/planning of my future, our future. Thus my current personal message on windows live messager is : 我的周瑜.


Young Werther said...

ahhh... lucky you! So long as you care and look after each other, you'll both be ok.

No need job, love and fresh air can do :)

Seriously, you should try working in a bank. Maybe start as teller/ sales.

Anonymous said...

sis, i got watch that drama too and my fav character is guan yu.
everyone in the drama is very funny. but i think the most cute one is zhang fei.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Young Werther: I don't know if I'm really cut out to be in the frontline.. :(

ireneyksoh: hahas. they are all very cute and funny. :)