Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No new photo post until I am home!

Staying over at In-Law's place for these 1-2weeks. Thus I have no access to those precious photos.. :(

Been busy with work as usual..
1 more week to pay day! woo hoo~

Hubby says it's "all hell breaks loose" when I get my pay..
But I don't think so loh.. I have rental to pay for, daily meals, transport & other random necessities..

Finally experienced staying together with husband. hahas.
Eating dinner together every night is my indulgence.
Maybe it's just "honeymoon" period, but I am enjoying it very much. :p

Today's Mood:
I am feeling Contented. :)

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 (Part 1)

Tickets courtesy of

Too many photos, thus decide to seperate into a couple of posts. :)
Woke up at 6am to edit some of the photos to write this post.. Spent more than 3hrs on this post alone.. Now got to go get ready for work. *zombie panda eyes* O.O

Managed to get a pair of free tickets, so decide to bring ShaMei along.. (Last year, she got the tickets, this year I got it. :p)

Seated a little far back :(

We were there on time, in fact quite early. :p

Pink Balloons! But they let if off into the sky. -.-'

Huge Balloon. ;)

Slipped out of someone's hand...

They manage to get some more balloons..

ShaMei treat me to MuaChee.. ;)

Artist from Liao Zhai Rocks.

Dance.. Music to get everyone high. :)

Camwhore to pass time..

Sky starts to darken.. 7.19pm, event has yet to start.

After complainning to the staff about the board obstructing the view of those at the back, they finally removed it! Yippe!

I went straight from work, didn't wear makeup that day lah.. no time. :p

Rushing work at IR.

MCs for the night kept changing?
Personally I think some DJs are better off on the radio then on a live event show..
Not that I can do better, but I'm sure that there are others who can do a better job..

Finally, the artist are in the house! Red Carpet!!!

Eek, I forgot who these people are. Sorry. :p

Budak Pantai & 刘玲玲

Know who's this?

Yups, it's 陈伟联.

He nearly tripped over because the girl who brought him to the stage didn't tell him that there's a step on stage. -.- Either she too nervous or she doesn't really care..

Senior and 2 Jr. From Singapore. Guess who?

Clearer now?

It's A-Do!

and By2!

Next, there was some mix up, and the MCs says that it's 梁文音, but out came.. Some cute artist from Taiwan. lol.

Instead of admitting it's their mix up, they decide to say that it's a "suprise". (-.-')

小鬼黄鸿升!!! CUTE!!!!

He kept asking how's the people at the back.. Me and Ber scream like teenage girls. lol.

Finally the very pretty and cutesy 梁文音. :)

Adorable "couple" 林宥嘉 (Yoga) & Olivia.
They were holding hands on stage because the MCs says they would look better that way. hahas. very cute lurh..

陈豪 was here to collect award too! Very tall and cute in real life. ;)

The long time no see, Tanya Chua.

Didn't really change much?

And finally.. The one that almost everyone is waiting for..

Cute boys.

One of them. Paiseh, Didn't manage to capture all of them with my louya camera skill..

End of Part 1.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 (PrePost)

I have just moved over to the North side!!!
No time to edit photos & blog!

340 photos/videos to check, delete, edit, save, upload. :p
Give me a day or 2, I'll update here soon!

Update 2 photos first.
Now got to rush to work! ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've got a pair of Free Movie Tickets from doing simple surveys!

❤One day, I come home and I see.. Letter for me!

Like always, I tear open my letter...

And I found out it's a pair of Movie Tickets I redemmed through an online survey site! ❤

Woohoo~ Just when I feel mega super poor. :)
Now I can treat my hubby and I to watch movie without feeling the pinch. :p

My Love for T Shirts.

I love Tees. Because they are comfortable and fun! I wear them to sleep, I wear them to go shopping, to watch movie, to eat dinner.. If I can wear to work, I will wear to work too! :p

The thing is, I'm quite fussy about the material of clothing. I don't like uniform kind of material. Feels prickly to my skin. :p and my favourite kind is actually Tee shirt material. Most of them makes me feel light and carefree, no frills and some of them even have interesting fun designs. :)

I came across a website that sells unique tshirts and customized tshirt! They have many unique Tshirts and one of my favourite has to be the food tshirts designs!!

The best thing about this website is that they not only allow you to customize tshirts, you can even customize hoodies, tote bag, journals, magnets, photo clocks and many more! :)

Maybe you're not interested in one or 2 shirts, maybe you're interested in starting a t-shirt company. Printmoji will be able to help you! :)

When you make it big, don't forget that you got information from here at k.. ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinner with ShaXiaoMei @ mindscafe 10 March 2010

It was after work and we were both tired. Being lazy to walk we settled at a games cafe that serves main course. We didn't camewhore so all I have of the memory was this photo of a salmon mushroom creamy pasta that looks really nice but actually not really what the 2 of us like. :X

It was a last min thingy.. She just happened to work a little later then usual so she decide to take one station up to meet me. :) Oh and she helped me take my heavy stuffs for me for quite a while leh.. Thanks sis! :)

I don't wish you keep meeting me, cause it means you keep having to work OT. :(

Monday, March 08, 2010

Save save save.

No, I'm not advertising for that supermarket. hahas.

As more and more people slowly start to shop again, I think there's one type of site that is growing as well. That is.. Sites that have coupons to have people save!

I was searching for some Savings coupons and came across :)

They have coupons for many big names! Like SONY! & Apple?

Some of the coupons that I think are quite hot would be, Sephora & Victoria's Secret!
Sephora for the cosmetics items and VS for Intimates. ;)

If you're looking for travel related stuffs, can try Southwest promotion code & Travelocity coupons! :)

You can search for coupons by Stores, by brands or even item categories! is a user friendly site. For example, you're not sure what coupons is hot and really worth it.. Once you click on the Categories tab, you will see the Top Coupons in the site for the last 7 days! Isn't that sweet of them?

You can even search for coupon by category + the type of coupon you're looking for! Let's say you're searching for a coupon that has free shipping for Party Supplies. You can click on "party supplies" in the categories, followed by the "free shipping" tab on the top. Which will show you this! Free Shipping Coupons for Party Supplies! It's that cool? ;)

If only I have more cash.. :9 I wanna go shopping leh... :(

Brought to you by the friendly people at

Sunday, March 07, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest. :)

Taken on Vday / First day of CNY.

It's your birthday today and I forgot to wish you at 12am. bleah.
You're sleeping so soundly behind me, makes me don't bear to wake you up just to say Happy Birthday. :p

This is the first time I'm celebrating it as your wife and I feel very lousy. Being jobless for a few months, I'm practically quite broke now. No presents on your birthday I already feel really bad. :( Now I even missed wishing you on the dot. bah.. I feel like a bad wife already lurh. :'(

Now I am waiting for my hair to dry before I can snuggle in bed. Should have bathed before watching the dvd movie lurh. Now I don't even know what time my hair is going to dry...

OMG! It's 3.20am already!

Alright, I shall end this post abruptly with a act cute photo of me..

Saturday, March 06, 2010



A couple of days back, I was walking home when I saw the convenience stall owner. I frequent his shop nearby my parent's house since I moved to this current place more than 10 years ago.. Suddenly feel a little sad that I've moving away from someplace that I'm so used to. :(

To make myself look forward to moving, I decided that I should window shop online. I thought Dinnerware would be fun and that's why when I came across a site that sells kitchenware I was super excited! ;)

I like all of those sets stuffs. They look so neat and perfect for my future little home.. :( Too bad I'm only moving to a rented room, if only I have my own little house.. I would buy something like this. A whole set makes me feel so cozy.. :)

I saw this button/link call flatware and I was curious what was flatware so I clicked on it. I didn't know there are so many designs! Curious? Click on the flatware word with hyperlink on it? :)

After seeing so many kitchen items I felt the urge to check out site with food recipes. Food Network has quite a few recipes. There are some Quick and Easy recipes, some for Holidays and Parties and even recipes for Healthy Eating! Now if only I'm not so lazy to wash the plates. :p

Brought to you by the friendly people at :)

Monday, March 01, 2010


So some time back my ShaXiaoMei intro to me a taiwan drama call KO.3 San Guo. It's a comedy drama. So as you all know.. I am currently still jobless.. So I decide to watch this drama.. Btw, I'm at episode 41/42 now. :D

So in this drama there is this character call 周瑜 (Zhou Yu). Zhou Yu in the show is someone who is very smart. Someone who's so smart that no medicine can "cure" him and make him not so smart. -.-

He is smart in everything except his love interest, Xiao Qiao (Xiao Qian). Xiao Qiao is someone who is someone who is a little bit blur and clumsy but she follows her heart in everything she does.

They love each other to the point they are willing to die for each other. Because Zhou Yu doesn't understand Xiao Qiao's heart well enough, so they have a bit of conflict.. Zhou Yu always thinks for their future. Xiao Qiao want him to spend more time with her. She feels that he views his future and work as more important than spending time with her.

Hubby is like Zhou Yu, maybe not the smartest guy on earth but always thinking/planning of my future, our future. Thus my current personal message on windows live messager is : 我的周瑜.