Saturday, February 27, 2010


My owner has no life.
She have nothing to blog about.
Being her personal blog is boring and she only uses me to advertise her other blogs which is only used to sell cheap stuffs. Why can she have more class and sell expensive goods? -.-'

Being me is so tough lah.
When she is happy she post many many photos.
When she is not happy she use me to vent anger.
Sometimes use me to make money. But now that you stop coming here to see me, she doesn't want to blog anymore. What a practical b*tch right?

I figure out that if you come here more often, maybe she will start posting nice things on me. Instead of those cheap sprees advertisements..

So please take pity on me and come here to see me often?
I will give you a virtual kiss in advance. *MUACKS*

With pleading eyes,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Sprees / PreOrder ending this Saturday!

Cute stationaries preorder/spree!
No handling fee, No agent fee, No courier fee, Low shipping!
If total amt hit 5kg, can get discount off international shipping! Currently only about 1kg or so..
CLICK ME or the picture below. :)


Accessories Spree / PreOrder 1
20 Bracelet/Bangles, 45 Rings & 25 Necklaces!
Fast Spree bonus: 10% discount only for this spree!!
Click Me or the picture below. :)


Left 2 days only!!!
Will not be opening Cute Stationaries spree anytime soon!
& 10% discount for accessories spree is only for this spree. No 10% discount for spree 2!

Friday, February 19, 2010

One close, another opens...

Thedressupstore will be closed till further notice. :)

Meanwhile, I've opened a pre-order/spree for DIY supplies.
Charms, Studs, Beads, Chains, etc..

Spree ending in 2days!
No handling fee. No agent fee.
Low shipping fee!

Blogspot: Link
Livejournal: Link

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little disapointed but oh well..

Maybe my hopes were too high.
Anyway I just collected the makeup stuffs from my friend's place this morning.

Selling at S$16 on Ebay

I actually quite like the smell. Didn't really test on face cause I had some powder on and I'm lazy to get rid of the powder. :p

Catwalkalley selling at S$35

Like california kissin' only. Don't know how to use the rest properly.. >.<
Eyecon - Like no effect on me?
Benetint - Don't know how to blend?
Some Kind-a-Gorgeous - I got problem using it cause I'm really still not used to using creamy stuffs..

Now I'm still thinking if I should try to sell the benefit kit since it doesn't really suits me. :(
I ordered these on first of December, supposed to be Xmas present for myself but somehow it got delayed a few times and I finally got it this morning. December 1st I still had a bit of savings but now I'm broke.... :(

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping shopping~~

The cosmetic stuffs I ordered through my friend's blogshop is here! But I have yet to collect it. Hee. Out of 4 items, 2 oos (Out of Stock) so only 2 arrived. The items are not very expensive but the shipping is the killer. *pouts* $9.11 for shipping of 2 quite small the items a little bit ex lah but nevertheless I'm still quite excited about collecting it tomorrow..

Will blog about the items soon! :)


Talking about blogshop and shopping...
I've another friend opening a blogshop soon and I had the opportunity to photograph some of the items last Friday (before rushing off to meet Shaxiaomei & JS at J8 for dinner.)

It was a last min thing and some of the photos didn't turn out that well. :(
Pardon the ugly background too. Will take better photos the next time..

She have more than 100 unique rings for sale so if you're a fan of unique, quirky finds.. This new blogshop should not to be missed!! She have necklaces and bracelets too. :)

If you want to be the first few to get to see them first before the actual blogshop launch,
or if you like what you see and would like to see more of these..
Check out this link:

If you don't like to purchase online, you'll be glad to know that my friend will be at a flea market!

Details as below:
FLEA & SPLASH @ Wave House Sentosa (organized by one of the creators of FLEA TITAN)
Location: Wave House Sentosa
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Date: 20 & 21 Feb 2010

Facebook event link:

So save your angpows and come down to take a look at these unique babies! :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New play things. :p

I've been thinking of trying this online shop for quite sometime.
Yesterday finally decide to purchase some items..
Ordered yesterday, delivered today. :)

I spent $54 on, 1 Lucky blue pouch, 1 Clinique lipstick, 1 pencil eyeliner & 2 innerwear sets for CNY.

Lucky Pouch is $8, Pencil liner is $8, Clinique lipstick is $6.

These are inside the $8 lucky pouch... Got another eyeliner!
hahas. If I know inside got eyeliner then I don't buy liao le. Now I've got 2. :p

Tired looking me with my 2 new pencil eyeliner. :)
Anyone want one? I sell you one for $5? :p

With and without flash.
Top: Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil #01 Softsmudge Black
Left: Estee Lauder Pure Colour 301 Crystal Baby
Right: Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 #19 Extreme Pink

A bit regret getting the Extreme Pink one. It's a bit too dark for me. :(
Shouldn't have been lazy to go check out the colour at the counter first.

That concludes my last purchase before CNY.

Yesterday I was playing with makeup remember?
yah. the camwhore photos...
I was trying these skinfood BB cream samples which I forgot where I got them from. Remembered I didn't get them from the shops because Skinfood staffs always tell me they don't have sample for bb creams. so yah. I don't think it's from the shops..

Cactus and Mushroom.

Put them in a small container. :)

I'm not sure which one I like more.
The mushroom one is more watery?
Easy to apply, coverage is so-so, not really very impressive. or maybe my skill is not very good yet? :)

Abrupt end.

2010 First batch of Zi Lian Photos!

Been awhile since I camwhored cause I'm either lazy to put makeup on or my camera low batt. :p

Ignore the messy stuffs at the back. It's some clothes I am supposed to donate before hubby go oversea de. :p

I used brown eyeliner, 1 bright yellow eyeshadow, 2 types of green. But it's not very obvious in the photos. :( Supposed to look fierce but wearing those big eye contacts I just look so act cute only.. how?? I need to look a bit fierce but not too ah-lian.. how???

Not been wearing contact lens often, so now my eyes have to go through the "get use to" period again. -.- Which means I have to start by wearing 2-3hrs, then slowly extend the wearing period..

I LOVE my lips! They look so cute here. :p

Strangely my hair colour start to show only recently. -.- Weird loh.
Oh yah, I just had my hair straightened but it curl after a day. :'(
After I wash and blow dry it, it's all better again.. haiz.. shoulder length hair is so hard to manage.