Sunday, December 13, 2009

Major Broke!

I'm not flat yet. But going to be.
Didn't know all those stuffs for ROM can be so freaking expensive!
Hubby and I is broke from all the shopping. :(

Who says getting engaged is cheap. -.-
Talk is cheap. When you really go and shop for the things then you know how expensive it is sia!! Especially for people like us who wears Tshirts and shorts everyday de, whole cupboard don't have any formal clothes. Buy clothes already broke liao loh!

This month is very crucial for me.
I will know where I would be located at the next couple of years and what kind of job I should get. I wish I could have a say.. but when it comes to personal problems, there's nothing a 3rd party can say. Nothing. period. full stop. zero.

If anyone ever thinks that I should have tried to help "solve" it. Please ask yourself if you would like a 3rd party to involve in your relationship problems with another person. There's no one more suitable to handle your own relationship other than yourself, likewise it's better for them to handle their own problems and you to handle yours. Whatever decisions they make, I respect them and hope everyone else do too.

I'm worried about the kids, I know they are worried about them too. Maybe they don't show it. but I know they do. All these years, even though they don't say it out loud, through little things I know they do care. I hope the kids will understand and respect them.

Now all we can do is wait and wait.
I've planned for the worse and am hoping for the best.

Little Broke Chick.

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