Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soft toys and orange juice.

Just updated my private blog.
Later going out so need to sleep soon.
Here's some photos to entertain you while I go get some beauty sleep. (:

Toys we caught on Xmas eve. Hubby 1 : Me 1

Toys we caught on Xmas. Me 2 : Hubby 1
I gave away one small pink tiger to a cute little girl because she look like she really wanted one.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. Foam, Fibre, Juice.

Flower. (:

Hubby looking stress.
I can imagine a thoughts bubble forming..
"Why does she need to snap photos of everything???" hahas.

For the above photo I was trying to take a further away shot of the orange juice, cause the "layering" didn't look too obvious with the lighting in the room. End up looking like I "偷拍" like that. -.-''

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Hohoho...

My Christmas Pressie to myself. :)

Totally in love with the DHC eyelash tonic and eye mask.
The eye lash tonic is like a clear mascara, easy to apply and can last quite long.. :) The eye mask feels like jelly? Doesn't drop off easily and can be worn to sleep.
In fact it's recommended on the packaging to use it through the night! :)

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Random camwhore photos- 17th Dec 2009.

Make up melted but I still love how those fake lashes make my eyes look really huge. :p

Love my pretty toes. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've been Mrs W for 2 days le.

Time pass so fast.
It's been 2 days since our ROM (Registry of Marriage) ceremony and I'm still quite hyped up.
Still feeling a little sweet, a little touched, a little anxious, a little proud, a little "in-love-all-over-again".. A mixture of feelings..

Thanks to those who took leave/off to be in the room with us.
Thanks to those gave their blessings and congratulate us.
Thanks for the wonderful weather, the people who loves us, the wonderful husband who takes care of so many things for me, the filling and delicious lunch, the last few family photos, the lovely and ever so caring in-laws, the best mummy, the rings fitting (means our fingers didn't grow fatter :p), the pretty flowers, the super pretty makeup and a very chio hairstyle by my professional makeup artist, the almost perfect dress which I bought off-rack at a sale without the need of any alteration, the super expensive but worth-it shawl, the sweet dream I had the night before, the custom-made accessories looking really special, the orders which came in bulk, the pretty shoes which make me realise I actually have leg muscles! (the next day when it starts to hurt)..

I know you don't care for the chunk of words on top and hopes to see photos. I promise to post some once I get the photos k.. Haven gotten any of the photos yet.. My sis even took a video for me. I'm really very touched cause that's very "zi dong" aka automatic of her.. Not everyone will remember to take video. I forgot to ask people to use my camera to take photos. so yeah.. no photos from my camera.

Alright, that's all for now.
Will update again soon.
Christmas is coming!!! :)

In case I don't get to say it in time..
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After spending 1.5hrs & S$51

My nails look normal again!!

My ugly nails!


What I did:
Classic French Manicure & Pedicure

Time Taken:
About 1.5hours.

Service / Ambiance:
Not bad, manicurist is quite friendly.
Room is very cosy, those who loves strong massages for mani/pedi can try this place.

Total Cost:
$38 + $5 + $8 = S$51

Where I did it:
78A Telok Blangah St32 #01-06

PeiQi (97940414)

Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Types that makes shop owners really grouchy.

Time-wasters Type 1
What they like to say: Please-let-me-reserve, please please please...
After asking a few questions to show interest, they like to ask to reserve and when I insist that I don't do reserving, they say they will get back and beg to reserve. So when they didn't get back to me I had to go ask them if they are still interested. When I ask, they will always have a ready excuse and then have to cheek to ask me to sell to others first.. -.-

Time-wasters Type 2
What they like to say: Please-let-me-reserve, please please please... *disappeared*
Similar to type 1 time-wasters, except they like to go MIA.

Time-wasters Type 3
What they like to say: May I know this this this, and that that that and this and that... *disappeared*
First say they are interested in the item and then ask so many questions that you can almost write a book out of the answers and then they go MIA suddenly.

Time-wasters Type 4
What they like to say: May I know this this this, and that that that... And price cannot lower? Can lower ma? Really can't lower ah? *disappeared*
Very similar to Type 3 except, they like to push your price to the lowest that you can go. After you give them your best price, they go MIA.

Time-wasters Type 5
What they like to say: Can you help me order this? *disappeared*
They ask for a Out of Stock item, then they go MIA when it is time for payment or if they make you pay for them first they MIA when the goods reach. This is the most irritating out of the lot. Sometimes you help them out of goodwill, sometimes even not earning from them, they just decide to disappear, making you feel really frustrated.

These are the 5 types of people I "meet" at least 2-3 a week.
Yes, I get one of these almost every other day but I've never posted their details up to blacklist them because I want shopping to be a pleasant experience and not a stressful one. I really do not hope to meet another one of these. I'm sure most shop owners do not wish to meet them too.

I guess most of these people are really lonely people who doesn't have many friends to talk to, so they like to make their life more interesting by making fun of shop owners.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Major Broke!

I'm not flat yet. But going to be.
Didn't know all those stuffs for ROM can be so freaking expensive!
Hubby and I is broke from all the shopping. :(

Who says getting engaged is cheap. -.-
Talk is cheap. When you really go and shop for the things then you know how expensive it is sia!! Especially for people like us who wears Tshirts and shorts everyday de, whole cupboard don't have any formal clothes. Buy clothes already broke liao loh!

This month is very crucial for me.
I will know where I would be located at the next couple of years and what kind of job I should get. I wish I could have a say.. but when it comes to personal problems, there's nothing a 3rd party can say. Nothing. period. full stop. zero.

If anyone ever thinks that I should have tried to help "solve" it. Please ask yourself if you would like a 3rd party to involve in your relationship problems with another person. There's no one more suitable to handle your own relationship other than yourself, likewise it's better for them to handle their own problems and you to handle yours. Whatever decisions they make, I respect them and hope everyone else do too.

I'm worried about the kids, I know they are worried about them too. Maybe they don't show it. but I know they do. All these years, even though they don't say it out loud, through little things I know they do care. I hope the kids will understand and respect them.

Now all we can do is wait and wait.
I've planned for the worse and am hoping for the best.

Little Broke Chick.

The Dressup Store is having a major clearance sales.
Do visit and support me k? :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Days.

In 7 days, I'll officially be Mrs W.
He'll be the Husband and no longer the boyfriend.
I'll be the Wife and no longer the girlfriend.

And when I fill in forms I'll circle Mrs and not Miss.
Tick Married instead of Single.
And the courtship ring is "upgraded" to the wedding ring.

In my LIFE "resume", I'll have a new title, added new responsibilities and duties.
I'll be his pillar, his support just as he has always been mine.

As we step into the next stage of life, I am thankful for all who have helped made us stronger, all who gave us blessings and those who endured our mushy lovely dopeyness whenever we're together...

Soon-to-be Mrs W.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Promotion Vouchers + I Need Money Sale!

Shopping for Christmas?
Here's a special E-voucher for all you lovely readers... :)

Vaild till end of December 2009 only!

Those who frequently visit my blogshop would realise that I'm currently in need of some cash..
Therefore I'm having a storewide 15% discount on all items from 1 December to 12 December 2009!

If you're shopping for presents on a budget, this is the best time to purchase from thedressupstore.blogspot.com! Everything is under $10! After 15% discount, all the items are going at really wallet friendly prices. :)