Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Overdue Contest Post!!!

I totally forgot that I've a contest post to write!!!

About a month back, I received an email in my email box..


*paiseh, went to print screen the email.


I won an Acnes Creamy wash hamper! :)

Got a little busy and didn't have time to dropby until one Friday..
I had a no-pay leave so I dropped by Cityhall to get my hamper before I went to ShaMei's chalet..

My Hamper.. :) The bed is not my house bed hor.. It's the chalet bed... :D

In the hamper there is..
1 x DFC CD - which I gave away..
1 x Notebook - which is tuck at the pile of precious junks beside my bed.
& 1 x Acnes Creamy Wash

So, what do I think of Acnes Cream Wash?
It's a normal cleanser.

Yes, to me this is a normal cleanser. I'm not going to bullshit and say this is damn good. I believe everyone have different taste and likes, and have different skin conditions so I do not want to bluff people and say this is a very good product when to me it's just a normal cleanser.

(Out) Look: I'm not used to the outlook. Looks a bit complicated to me?
(In) Look: Normal creamy/foam cleanser look?
Smell: Average, not too strong. (A tinge of lime?)
Foam-ability: Easy to foam.
Clean-ability: Overall cleans well, doesn't leave any stingy or tight feeling.
Affordability: Not expensive. (Teenager OK)
Most sutiable for: Teenager! (My brothers are currently using)
Would I buy: Maybe. I actually bought for my brothers to use but they didn't really love it very very much so I guess I might not purchase it again)

Additional words: Personally, I prefer another cleanser so I don't think I will purchase this for myself to use. If you have yet to find your prefect cleanser, you can give this a try! Fr3b has free samples!

Now.. onto the contest.

I'm supposed to write a blog entry and then try to get people to vote for me so that I can win 1 year supply ACNES products (Top 3 highest vote).

So why should YOU vote for me?
Because 3 voters will stand to win a 1 year supply of ACNEs products too!!
Plus, anyone can vote! YOU don't even need to be a Fr3b member!
Though I don't know anyone who doesn't like free samples. :D

Wah, I took 1 hour to write this!
So.. remember to Vote for me!!

Click on the picture to vote for me! :)

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