Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nice lips day + Taiwan Drama craze..

Friday was nice lips day for me! (:

On lips: Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss PK122 + ZA Pure Shine Lips PK1

Waiting for my Geo lens to reach me.
It's been 7 weeks and it's still not here yet. Kinda sick of waiting le leh.. :(

On a Happier note, I am done with another Taiwan drama! 福气又安康. I started chiong-ing on Friday night, just finish watching the last episode!

Now there's 3 dramas currently showing in Taiwan that I've decided to follow watching every week. Autumn’s Concerto (下一站, 幸福), Momo Love (桃花小妹) and Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心).

Autumn's Concerto, I decide to watch it after I caught the preview by accident and thinks the story is quite nice. Now loading the first episode and am going to watch it before I sleep tonight. :p

Momo Love, I've watched the first 3 episode. First 2 wasn't very very impressive but the 3rd one is damn funny, maybe cause got loads of scenes with Jiro. :) This show is also currently showing in Singapore Channel U, by the way.

Hi My Sweetheart, is a comedy and I really like comedies lah. so of cause I'll watch loh. :p


ea said...

i like Hi, my sweet heart too!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I love all these shows so much loh. Crazy liao. :p