Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Sales + 2 New collections!


Recently updated The Dress Up Store with 2 new Collections, and put together a under $10 Super Sales post! Details of Super Sales at end of this post.

I really like these 2 new collections and I hope you'll like them too.

Collection 12 : Dresses for your Beautiful Hair
Price starts from SGD1.00 to SGD5.50 only!

Personal favourite: A tie between the Elastic Telephone Coil Hair Tie (C12-001) and the Big Black Bow / Ribbon Hair Clip (C12-006).
Kept one of the big bow hairclip and 2 coil hairties for my own use, the coil hairtie is better than those normal cloth/cotton material hairtie as it doesn't stink if it accidentally gets wet.

Best value for money: Mini Crown Hair Accessory (C12-002), because I checked out a quite famous accessories shop and they are selling at SGD8.90 and thedressupstore is selling at only SGD6.00 (including normal postage)!

Collection 13: Six Dollars Shades
All items at SGD6.00 only!

Personal favourite: Red Hearts Shape Shades (C13-003)
I have one and I love it so much that I'm considering buying another one so that if I ever spoilt it I will have a spare. :p

Best value for money: All.
You don't always see brand new shades selling at only SGD6.00 each right?? :)

Next, Super Sales Post.

Super Sales post consist of items from Collection 1-8.
Price starts from SGD1.60 to SGD10.00 only!

Personal favourite: Too many to mention.
Out of these 38 items I personally kept at least 10 of them for my own. :p

Best value for money: Not sure but White Star Ring (C4-010) is the most popular one. Before I brought in these babies, I bought my own ring from another blogshop for double the amount that I'm selling at. -.-

Discount up to SGD2.00 off per item!
I'm hoping to clear these, so expect more discounts if you purchase more. :)

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