Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jia you! Christina Jia you!

My pay for last month just came in.
Got to start paying bills and transferring money to my "savings" account le.
After putting some money away to save, I've just enough money to survive. hohoho.

I actually had thoughts of buying a few pairs of contact lens, a real gold necklace, maybe a pair of shoes and also a very big birthday present for my friend. Now the contact lens and gold necklace have to be postponed for another 2 months liao. Cause I'm sure my next payday will not allow any excess expenditure. The shoes would probably have to wait till next year for Chinese New Year.

Feels like a poor kid again.
For the future, Christina. For the future!
Jia you!

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Young Werther said...

Send me your money and I'll help you invest...

Bernie Madoff