Sunday, September 06, 2009

I miss my favourite shopping haunt.

Before ebay Singapore and blogshops, there was somewhere I often visit to have my retail therapy fix.

Few of you might remember this site which was closed down some years back...
A huge number of blogshop owners might not even know this awesome place existed because they were probably too young then. hahas. (Makes me sound so old -.-)

It's so popular at the time because there were plenty of sellers and buyers on it. All the sellers post their items there and it's so easy to find the items you want. Just type what you want eg. "pink bag" and you'll see many different types of pink bags appear on the screen. If you just want to "window shop" you can click on any of the categories and you can slowly window shop and see many interesting stuffs. Best of all, if you're on a budget, you can easily compare price of all the items just by clicking on the "sort by price" button.

If I can describe it in simple terms, it's like having a place that gathers all the blogshop items and tells you which blogshop sells your favourite dress at the best price! And the most important feature then was the feedback/rating page. As buyer/seller we always leave feedback so that other customers will know if the seller is reputable anot.

I remember buying almost everything online.
Shoes, clothes, bags, presents and even contact lens and makeup!

Yes, my favourite shopping haunt it's Singapore Yahoo Auctions.

After it closed, I didn't really buy as many things online as it's not easy to find reputable shops that sells low priced items. Even when I buy things thru blogshops there's always this fear that you'll meet with some scammer or some teenage kid who sells 2nd hand items as first hand. -.-

Many auction sites spring open since Singapore Yahoo Auctions went down some years back but most of them couldn't make it as they are either not as easy to use or does not have many sellers/buyers.

Recently I found 2 auction sites that allows me to transfer my old ratings to their site and they work pretty much similar to yahoo auctions! I just signed up so I'll start transferring my blogshop items to both sites soon.

Both sites are slowly building their base, as more and more sellers and customers uses these site. It'll be easier to find things you want and also to sell things that you have.

I'm looking forward to the day where either one or both of the site becomes as busy as the old Singapore Yahoo Auction... (:

I spent 1 hour writting this post. :p


ea said...

yes, i lurve yahoo auctions too~
so sad when i heard the news thats its closing down..

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yah loh.. Right before they say they going to close down they kept having technical problems.. I thought it'll be resolved but when they say they'll close it down I was so sad lah..