Sunday, September 27, 2009

I know it's the EOY (End Of Year) Exam Period..

Advertorial: TheDressUpStore

Everyone is feeling oh so stress...
And anyone can do with a bit of retail therapy.

This week there are 2 new collections at thedressupstore! :)

Collection 15 : Ten Rings [Simple.Vintage.Blings]
Price starts from SGD3.00 to SGD5.50 only!

Personal favourite: Vintage Round Rings (C15-001 / C15-002 / C15-003)! Totally match vintage looking bags/clothes! Now you don't have to think of what to pair with that pretty flowery skirt you've bought. :)

Best value for money: Bling Rings! Especially the Bling Smiley Face Ring (C15-008 / C15-009)! Some blogshops are selling similar design at 3-5 times the price I'm selling at! Note that the design is slightly different from C4-005 & C4-006 (which is currently sold out at thedressupstore!)

Collection 14 : Mini Priced Necklaces
Price starts from SGD3.00 to SGD4.00 only!

Personal favourite: Mini Heart Necklaces (C14-001 / C14-002 / C14-003)! 3 different colours to choose from so it's easy to match any outfit. Best of all, if you change it everyday your friends might think that your necklace actually changes colour on it's own. :p

Best value for money: Mix & Match Necklace Set (C14-008). Where else can you get 1 Long + 1 Short necklace & a few mini pendants at only $4??? Some places a pendant already cost more than $4! Plus, there are so many ways you can wear this necklace. You can wear the short one, or long one, or even wear both necklaces together! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

21 Sep 09 - Meet up with Daddy Phua & Sha Mei.

Lovely day it is, good food with great company.
Walked in the drizzle with my sister, we will not forget soon.
Fun we had, even it's a few hours..
Crazy we are, in a world of our own.

Thank you for the laughter and joy. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I exchanged brand new accessories for junks! -.-

Recently I did an exchange/swapping of items from my blogshop with another blogshop because she initiated it and since I wanted to clear some of my items I decide to exchange some items from her blogshop which she stated as Brand New.
Alas, when I received the items I got so shocked!

Read this post for more information.

I didn't know items with stains and holes and tag cut off are counted as brand new in packaging! -.-

Therefore, I shall not entertain any swaps till further notice. If you're interested in swaps, I'm really sorry, because of her, I am not going to entertain you. Blame her if you want but don't scold me for ignoring you hor. I hate disappointments lah!

A pissed off Chicky.

Super Long Weekend

Been buying lots of stuffs which hubby terms as "useless", okay some of them are quite useless lah. He still buys some of them for me anyway. He will make me pay for some of the things so that I will feel heart-pain after spending money and will stop buying things. hahas.

(He is actually sleeping behind me, after I type finish the first para he actually jump up from his sleep, look at me and fall back to sleep. -.-'')

I'm lazy to take photos..
So here are some of the things I bought in the past couple of days + the reason I bought them. :p

Magazine - SGD4.20 (Entertainment)
Plain flat shoes - 2 pairs for SGD25.00 (Replace current "work" shoes)
Pinkish Lipstick - SGD10.25 -after 30% discount + $2 off voucher (Got discount + can use voucher!)
Toothpaste - SGD7.75 (My house run out of toothpaste, maid forget to buy. -.-)
Random Teabags - SGD1.95 (To drink in my freezing cold office..)
Panadol Menstrual - SGD5.40 (For cramps lah!)
Mini Retractable lip brush - SGD6.00 (vanity lah can?)
4 packets of yanyans - SGD4.60 (For contest + to snack loh)
2 pairs of Contact lens - SGD32.00 (vanity. :p)
1 dress - swap with items from my blogshop (eh, to clear items from my blogshop faster? :p)

All these are just some of those that I can actually remember. :p

But I'm really very happy lah.
The thing that I'm most happy about is shopping for free samples! I manage to redeem a grand total of 13 samples this week since I was settling stuffs nearby..

Out of the 13 items, at least 5 items are retail sized okay! Woo hoo~
And the best part? I actually like most of them samples I've tried so far.. None of them disappoint me! When I get my pay next month I am considering getting some of those that I really liked! Super good mood now.

(Hubby jumped up, mumbled something and went back to sleep. He must be having really bad dreams.. -.-')

Watch 4 movies (rental DVD) this weekend. Super shiok!

A Night in the Museum 2
Pink Panther 2
Handsome Suit
Just My Luck

We missed all these 4 movies when they showed in the cinema.. So rent to watch loh.
Great Entertainment! :)

(Okie, confirm the hubby is hungry, I shall go changed and go pack supper!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

sometimes I feel so tired.

I just spent a week's lunch money just like that.

okie I confess. I ordered 2 pairs of contact lens.
Can somebody slap me now?

Couldn't take the 诱惑/引诱 of those chio chio de contact lens and gave in to the shopaholic-vainy me.

If you can't slap me, fund me then.
Buy something from my blogshop!!

okie. that's so random.

I want to talk about my blogshop.
I'm actually starting to feel a little "tired out" by it.
The past 3.5 months I've pump in so much yet I'm not even close to getting back half.

I've no idea what is wrong with it that no one is buying from me. :(

Are my items priced too expensive?
Are there too little selections?
Or is it that my service is not good enough?

Can anyone please tell me?
I desperately need to know what went wrong. :(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Months.

Mike just booked THE DATE.
3 months from now I will no longer be Miss Christina liao...

First step: buy the rings.
2nd step: find a good date & book the date!

Do not underestimate the booking portion! At 12am sharp the initial time slot we want got snapped up. In fact most of the slots got taken up already. -.-''
So many people getting married everyday loh!
Good thing Mike went in before 12 so he manage to book a time slot quite close to the initial time slot that we wanted. *Phew*

Suggestion to those who intend to get registered soon: check out the website and read up beforehand to understand the procedures first! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jia you! Christina Jia you!

My pay for last month just came in.
Got to start paying bills and transferring money to my "savings" account le.
After putting some money away to save, I've just enough money to survive. hohoho.

I actually had thoughts of buying a few pairs of contact lens, a real gold necklace, maybe a pair of shoes and also a very big birthday present for my friend. Now the contact lens and gold necklace have to be postponed for another 2 months liao. Cause I'm sure my next payday will not allow any excess expenditure. The shoes would probably have to wait till next year for Chinese New Year.

Feels like a poor kid again.
For the future, Christina. For the future!
Jia you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Sales + 2 New collections!


Recently updated The Dress Up Store with 2 new Collections, and put together a under $10 Super Sales post! Details of Super Sales at end of this post.

I really like these 2 new collections and I hope you'll like them too.

Collection 12 : Dresses for your Beautiful Hair
Price starts from SGD1.00 to SGD5.50 only!

Personal favourite: A tie between the Elastic Telephone Coil Hair Tie (C12-001) and the Big Black Bow / Ribbon Hair Clip (C12-006).
Kept one of the big bow hairclip and 2 coil hairties for my own use, the coil hairtie is better than those normal cloth/cotton material hairtie as it doesn't stink if it accidentally gets wet.

Best value for money: Mini Crown Hair Accessory (C12-002), because I checked out a quite famous accessories shop and they are selling at SGD8.90 and thedressupstore is selling at only SGD6.00 (including normal postage)!

Collection 13: Six Dollars Shades
All items at SGD6.00 only!

Personal favourite: Red Hearts Shape Shades (C13-003)
I have one and I love it so much that I'm considering buying another one so that if I ever spoilt it I will have a spare. :p

Best value for money: All.
You don't always see brand new shades selling at only SGD6.00 each right?? :)

Next, Super Sales Post.

Super Sales post consist of items from Collection 1-8.
Price starts from SGD1.60 to SGD10.00 only!

Personal favourite: Too many to mention.
Out of these 38 items I personally kept at least 10 of them for my own. :p

Best value for money: Not sure but White Star Ring (C4-010) is the most popular one. Before I brought in these babies, I bought my own ring from another blogshop for double the amount that I'm selling at. -.-

Discount up to SGD2.00 off per item!
I'm hoping to clear these, so expect more discounts if you purchase more. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you attending CozyCot's Party?

I can't make up my mind if I should go to this party a not..

Anyway, Yesterday I got stomach flu. Work 2 hours, couldn't take the body aches + bloating + nausea, I went to see Doctor. Got 2 days MC cause doctor don't think I'll be well enough to work so fast. -.- And she's right! My tummy until now still pain. :'(

Sianz. Already 4 days not working this month + these 2 days of MC.. I feel damn broke even before I am actually broke. lol.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

4 days of no pay leave this month!

Technically it's just 2 days but because I'm just a temp staff (I don't get paid for public holidays) Which is how I end up with 4 "no pay leave" this month. -.-''

I foresee myself to be very very broke next month! :(

A couple of random photo taken recently.. @ ION

I have orange colour face and my hair looks red-ish because of the lights! lol.

Yes, that's hubby behind.. Looking funny.. lalala~ :p

Spending time with 2 person whom I love and love me back de.
Makes me very very very very happy.
I love you both so much, even though you both like to to make fun of me, laugh at me & make me cry!! -.-''

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I miss my favourite shopping haunt.

Before ebay Singapore and blogshops, there was somewhere I often visit to have my retail therapy fix.

Few of you might remember this site which was closed down some years back...
A huge number of blogshop owners might not even know this awesome place existed because they were probably too young then. hahas. (Makes me sound so old -.-)

It's so popular at the time because there were plenty of sellers and buyers on it. All the sellers post their items there and it's so easy to find the items you want. Just type what you want eg. "pink bag" and you'll see many different types of pink bags appear on the screen. If you just want to "window shop" you can click on any of the categories and you can slowly window shop and see many interesting stuffs. Best of all, if you're on a budget, you can easily compare price of all the items just by clicking on the "sort by price" button.

If I can describe it in simple terms, it's like having a place that gathers all the blogshop items and tells you which blogshop sells your favourite dress at the best price! And the most important feature then was the feedback/rating page. As buyer/seller we always leave feedback so that other customers will know if the seller is reputable anot.

I remember buying almost everything online.
Shoes, clothes, bags, presents and even contact lens and makeup!

Yes, my favourite shopping haunt it's Singapore Yahoo Auctions.

After it closed, I didn't really buy as many things online as it's not easy to find reputable shops that sells low priced items. Even when I buy things thru blogshops there's always this fear that you'll meet with some scammer or some teenage kid who sells 2nd hand items as first hand. -.-

Many auction sites spring open since Singapore Yahoo Auctions went down some years back but most of them couldn't make it as they are either not as easy to use or does not have many sellers/buyers.

Recently I found 2 auction sites that allows me to transfer my old ratings to their site and they work pretty much similar to yahoo auctions! I just signed up so I'll start transferring my blogshop items to both sites soon.

Both sites are slowly building their base, as more and more sellers and customers uses these site. It'll be easier to find things you want and also to sell things that you have.

I'm looking forward to the day where either one or both of the site becomes as busy as the old Singapore Yahoo Auction... (:

I spent 1 hour writting this post. :p

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I feel cheated!!! :(

(30 August 2009)
From Pinkish Brown...

In less than a week become..

(2 Sept 2009)
Yellowish Brown!! -.-

Wahlao. I'm upset with my hair now loh.. :(

Decide to get the bubble hair dye after thinking for 1-2 weeks..

Bought Sweet Pink.

KNN, the colour only last like 2 days? After that become yellowish brown liao.
Now most probably will be spraying my hair black for ROM liao. sianz. stupid hair.
I don't want yellow lah! argh..