Friday, August 14, 2009

Love/Hate my job (Ranting post)

I love my job as much as I hate it.
Which is why I decide to work until I really really cannot take it..

I love it because it's what I like to handle. Figures and papers.
This job really suits me also because I hate dealing with people. :p

Hate it because my work keep piling up.
I must be really slow lah if not how come my work keep piling up??
I get stressed up when I have a lot of backlog that can't be cleared. I hate it more when some asshole keep hinting that I'm not working.. Like hello~~ I have more than one task and I always complete the more important task first ok!! All the important ones I complete liao loh. Plus I'm not supposed to stay for OT, so what you expect me to do? I want to stay also not allowed to because I'm just a temp..

Anyway my department all the girls still ok but that asshole, guy not guy, girl not girl de. also duno to count him as man anot. -.- I really don't like him yet I cannot be rude to him so I always answer him nicely. But today the other girls told me straight in my face that I cannot talk back to him if not he will go tell the manager and the manager always side the perm staffs de, so I will lose out.

Bah. So stressed out that every night don't sleep well. :( No one to rant to so I come here to rant loh.

Honestly, I can understand why the previous girl decide to leave > 1 month before her school starts liao. I remember asking her when her school starts and stuffs.. Now I finally understand! lol.

I will jia you! gambatte! add oil! whatever.. if I can't take it any longer, I will have to find a new job liao.. No money = no food. :( So now, I shall try to get some sleep. Hope I can sleep well tonight..

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