Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy & Unhappy things..

Happy things first!
woo hoo~
I just went to collect a huge lot of items for the next collection.
Price starts as low as SGD1 for the next collection!!
Excited? I am!

Next, not so happy things.
I used to advertise free for a friend if you're a regular reader you should know who by now. Anyway, I realised she is making quite a bit of money out of me, so I decide not to get my goods through her anymore. Normal stuffs like cosmetics still can get through her but if I can, I'll not get through her le bah.

And guess what?? I found a better handler!
This handler is my new found best friend sia.. hahas

Anyway I was really really unhappy when I found the new handler, because the new handler gave me really good price which makes me realised what a fool I have been. -.-'

So hurray for lower cost!
Hurray for lower selling price!
Hurray for more shopping! :p

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Kelvin said...

U look quite pretty to me, why do u call urself ugly fat chick?

Clicked ur nuffang btw^.^