Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm looking for...

A good Lip palette or a not so expensive de lip stick.
Must consist of Deep Red (no coral red please!) and Pink, if you know of any good brands let me know okie? I'm dying to try a new shade for my lips. Been using really light coloured gloss for so long......

I dyed my hair pink but it looks more like dark dark brown to me. -.-
Will update it in the next post.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 reasons why I'll never be Singapore Idol. (lame)

Reason 10: I have stage fright.
When I'm on stage I frighten people!

Reason 9: I cannot sing.
I sound like screaming chicken.

Reason 8: I always forget lyrics or remember wrong lyrics.
Twinkle twinkle little ...?

Reason 7: I can't handle criticism.
They always mishandle me.

Reason 6: I have low self confidence.
My confidence level is even short than me!

Reason 5: I'll melt if I have to sing in the crowd on my own.
Puddle of perspiration.

Reason 4: I'm not friendly enough.
I scare children!

Reason 3: I don't have charm or X factor.
I have lots of fats though, you want some?

Reason 2: No one will vote for me.
They might have the first! only 5 sms votes and all 5 sms votes came from 1 number! yes, my number!

Reason 1: I'm too short!
The camera have problem capturing me. Imagine one row of 7 contestants.. They try to capture each contestant's face as the announce the results.. contestant 1-6 all show face of worry then contestant 7 disappeared? because close up at the same level is air. -.-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy & Unhappy things..

Happy things first!
woo hoo~
I just went to collect a huge lot of items for the next collection.
Price starts as low as SGD1 for the next collection!!
Excited? I am!

Next, not so happy things.
I used to advertise free for a friend if you're a regular reader you should know who by now. Anyway, I realised she is making quite a bit of money out of me, so I decide not to get my goods through her anymore. Normal stuffs like cosmetics still can get through her but if I can, I'll not get through her le bah.

And guess what?? I found a better handler!
This handler is my new found best friend sia.. hahas

Anyway I was really really unhappy when I found the new handler, because the new handler gave me really good price which makes me realised what a fool I have been. -.-'

So hurray for lower cost!
Hurray for lower selling price!
Hurray for more shopping! :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

July 18, 2009 : I've got a diploma!

Yes, this post is super long overdue because I cannot find a "look-able" photo of myself. -.-

Results: 3A, 4B & 1D
- Hubby is so proud of me cause I didn't fail any module. :p

Anyway, I'm really happy I've got a diploma but what's next?
ACCA? Degree?

I can't make up my mind. :(

Time is ticking away and I still cannot make up my mind.
Sometimes really feel like slapping myself.
21 liao still don't know what I really really really want.

Aiya, I shall save up more first, next year then decide what to study bah.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Proposal.

Yes, it's the movie advertisement on the left.

Hubby and I caught it today (23 August) and I'm glad we did.
Lots of funny stuffs in there and Sandra Bullock is really pretty! :)

I cried as usual lah.
Oh.. and the guy in it is really hot! *drools* :p

Was shopping day because I needed to get fbt shorts. I lost my one and only one. :( That one the design really rare de loh. *sob sob*

I remember there was a time where I wore fbt for almost everything. lol. Go downstairs, go orchard. lol. Now only for home wear, go downstairs and sports event bah. Too old to be walking everywhere in fbt short. -.-

Anyway I bought 3 shorts though they are not the design that I like but it's better than no proper shorts to wear bah.. SGD34! Not very cheap but the next time I see it on sales I must remind myself to get a few to put at home!

So since I was out hubby decide to go check out new shoe designs and I decide to look for a pair of shoes to dance in. Almost search through the whole building liao and found this brown one from Asics.

Actual found a few more after that but still this one fits the best. Very comfy also.. but the price!!! lol. If this month I eat lesser maybe next month still can afford. Now really broke! and I need to save money to buy MS office also! The trial one is ending end of the month. :(

Photos taken from Asics's website.

I like the brown one more but then I don't have any clothes that matches it. :(

oh. and recently I found out that my readership drop somemore!
Super sianz.. am I that boring liao?
or I don't update enough isit? :(
Why you all don't like my blogs liao isit??? :'(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm still alive!

Hi, I'm still alive!!

and I just bathed & smell like apple because I'm having one now. :)

I know I'm random..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When was the last time I posted neoprints?

I forgot how long ago... I feel OLD now. :(

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trying my new love..

15 August 2009
I was so excited I knew I had to try it out that day..

The tools that I took out.

End up didn't use the tiny eyeshadow applicators cause I used the brush type and found it easier to control!

2 lip glosses, one for the colour, one for the brush.
I don't have a lip brush so I always use that lip gloss's brush as lip brush. :p
2 Mascaras, one normal one and the other clear one for extra curling effect. My lashes are really stubborn. :(

Contact lens given as free trial by my optician? It's ok lah, very very thin though..
I think I still prefer those with enlarging eyes effect de. :p

Always make sure that your face is clean before you start to put anything on!

This is the Always Nuddy BB cream I got as a sample to try, the sample size is quite generous so I put it in a little jar. :)

This pressed powder also sample.. I've been using it for very very long! :p
When I have a lot of savings then I will go buy the retail size one. :p

I used these 4 colours..

My 2nd favourite eyeliner. First is the one without glitter. :p

oh. I shaved my own brows which is why they still look messy. :(
Can't wait for treading session, who wants to go?

Okie.. that's it.

I'm tired liao.
Editing photos and blogging is hard work ok! :p

Feel free to
1. Ask me if you want to know where I get which product
2. Comment on my skill, what I should do and what I should not have done &
3. Sponsor me makeup products or contact lens! :p

Can't wait to try other colours soon! :)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

My new makeup love.

I swapped a few pieces of accessories from my blogshop for my new love.

Comes in a bubble wrapped bag..

On the box.

It's super sleek..

and.. Tadah!! 88 eyeshadow colours!

It's really very beautiful..

Just tried some of the colours..
Will blog about it later after I bathe. or maybe tomorrow. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Love/Hate my job (Ranting post)

I love my job as much as I hate it.
Which is why I decide to work until I really really cannot take it..

I love it because it's what I like to handle. Figures and papers.
This job really suits me also because I hate dealing with people. :p

Hate it because my work keep piling up.
I must be really slow lah if not how come my work keep piling up??
I get stressed up when I have a lot of backlog that can't be cleared. I hate it more when some asshole keep hinting that I'm not working.. Like hello~~ I have more than one task and I always complete the more important task first ok!! All the important ones I complete liao loh. Plus I'm not supposed to stay for OT, so what you expect me to do? I want to stay also not allowed to because I'm just a temp..

Anyway my department all the girls still ok but that asshole, guy not guy, girl not girl de. also duno to count him as man anot. -.- I really don't like him yet I cannot be rude to him so I always answer him nicely. But today the other girls told me straight in my face that I cannot talk back to him if not he will go tell the manager and the manager always side the perm staffs de, so I will lose out.

Bah. So stressed out that every night don't sleep well. :( No one to rant to so I come here to rant loh.

Honestly, I can understand why the previous girl decide to leave > 1 month before her school starts liao. I remember asking her when her school starts and stuffs.. Now I finally understand! lol.

I will jia you! gambatte! add oil! whatever.. if I can't take it any longer, I will have to find a new job liao.. No money = no food. :( So now, I shall try to get some sleep. Hope I can sleep well tonight..

Monday, August 10, 2009

NDP 2009

Super lucky! Manage to get a pair of tickets to the actual day NDP. (:
Envy me right? muahahaha..

I decide to bring ShaXiaoMei cause hubby is too busy with work. I thought of a few other names also but I only have 1 pair leh.. Cannot bring everyone that I want to bring there.. :( Not that I don't love you all k...

As usual, we camwhore like mad!!
Most of the photos are taken from her camera because my camera battery is half spoilt lur. I didn't manage to take much photos... Shall go camera battery hunting after I get my next next pay..

I type halfway then realise that I still have a couple of photos in my phone camera. lol. never mind that one wait until I got a lot of time then upload. :p

This is me on my way out to meet ber.
Light makeup cause it's going to melt later. -.-

My tickets. :)

Green Sector rocks! :)

We had lunch at Suntec before going to the floating platform.
Lunch was vegetarian. -.-

Can't remember where/when we took this but I think I look cute here. :p

Once we settled down, we put on our face tattoos~

And camwhore away~~ hahahas..

Ber's glasses become shades..

Our hearts.. I think it's beautiful.. :)

Meh again..

One last shot...

and booom!!

I just couldn't capture the hearts...
I think ber manage to capture a video of it. :)


This one is call raining gold..

While waiting for people to slowly clear away, we camwhore somemore..

and help others to take photos also...

I wasn't trying to act cute de loh. I was smiling brightly for the photos then I see ber shaking head cause of no idea what reason, then I pout. She capture my pout! somemore 2 times also like that. -.-''

See, the picture I take of her is so nice loh...

The last 2 photos are taken by a kind Aunty.
I like my legs in the first picture.

I actually manage to get tickets for the combine rehearsal too. That one I took quite a number of photos of the show, if you want to see, let me know.. then I blog about it.. If no one request then I see when I got mood then post loh. :)

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! :)

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Monday, August 03, 2009

I promise I'll try to blog an entry soon. watch this page..