Saturday, July 04, 2009

Choose your own promotion, Promotion!

Advertorial : The Dressup Store

Remember, not too long ago I blogged about thedressupstore's 3 new collections?

They've updated their blogshop with another 3 new collections, making the total number of collections an auspicious number 8! And they have a very cool Opening Special Promotion!

Click on the following pictures to go to each individual collection. :)

Collection 6 : Silver Necklaces

Collection 7 : Gold Necklaces

Collection 8 : Rojak Rojak

Click HERE for all available collections. :)

What's so special about their Opening Special Promotion?
You get to choose your own promotion!

Sometimes when you're shopping around and you notice some special promotion going on for an item you want to buy and they give you a free gift? Ever met with the situation where you you don't want the free gift and you wish that you can exchange it for some discount instead?

When you purchase any item (collections 1-8) from thedressupstore during the promotion period you're entitled to choose any 1 of the 2 promos below that you would prefer to enjoy! :)

Promotion 1:
5% off any item.
*Not including items that has been used for Promotion 2*

Promotion 2:
Spend $10 to $14.99, free 1 Small pouch worth $0.50.
Spend $15 to $19.99, free 1 Medium pouch worth $0.75.
Purchase $20 and above, 1 free Small pouch + 1 Medium pouch.
*While Stock last!*

Current Availability of Pouches:
Small Silver Pouch - 5
Small Gold Pouch - 10
Medium Silver Pouch - 35

Small ones suitable for rings and the medium ones more suitable for bracelets. :)

What's best is that you can even mix and match the promotions!

For example: If you purchased a necklace for $8 , you'll get a 5% discount. You'll only pay $7.60+ $1.00 for normal postage.

If you purchase 3 items and the total amount comes up to $19, you can choose either
A. 1 free Medium Pouch + 5% discount on any "leftover" additional amount. (which is $19-$15 in this case.) or
B. 5% Discount on $19 (with no free gift)

If you are confused, feel free to ask the seller questions. :)
Or you can let her know what are the items you want and she'll calculate and show you the different possibilities!

What are you waiting for?
Choose your promo here now!

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