Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Dear Hubby:

You've always been by my side from 2004 to 2009.

Made me laugh.
Made me cry.
Even made me laugh until I cry. >.<

I want to thank you..
For being there for me.
For being so kind to my friends.
For giving me so much freedom and trust.
For accepting my flaws and weaknesses and protecting me whenever you can.
For feeding me with all the good food until I'm overweight.
For loving me even though I'm fat and chubby.
For running with me when I feel fat.
For forcing me to jog/walk when I bluff myself that I cannot move anymore.
For supporting most of my decisions.
For all the hugs and kisses.
For not smoking when you're with me.
For caring for my other loved ones.
For listening to my grumbles.
and so much so much more...

After so many years of torture, I'm here to inform you that I'm not going to let you go.

Lots of love from,
Your little girl

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lookie. I actually have lashes!

Have thrown away most of my yearly contact lens cause I forgot when did I start wearing them so better to be safe and throw them away loh.. Now only left this purple one which I quite like. Not really "舍得" to throw it away.. :(

This picture taken this morning while waiting for Defector to order our breakfast at Mac Donalds.

So anyway, decided to curl my lashes near the roots before we went out this morning and suddenly my lashes "appear out of nowhere". lol. I put a coat of my usual clear curling mascara and tadah~ I actually have lashes! lol.

Defector was like asking me if those are my real lashes. -.-
Wahlao eh.. I'm with him for 5 years liao he now ask me they are my real lashes a not. -.-''


Paiseh ah. My digital camera still at his house so you all have to bear with lousy quality photos from my V9's camera loh..

Update again when I have time k...
Now I shall go keep my camera in my bag before I forget to take it home again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I need makeup help.

Okie.. the secret to big dolly eyes is contact lens + eye liner + eyelash curler + mascara.
But, how do you make eyes look closer ah?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Past week.

Too many things happened in the past week.

Hubby fall sick.
I fall sick.
Got "quarantine" from company for 2 days.
Realised my colleagues can be very nice and they love good food. :)

My brothers and my future got postponed.
Voted for DK at the Blogathon after Zumfit class.
Felt really pampered during the 2 nights stay with massages every night. :p

Felt future mil's care.
Had breakfast prepared by hubby. (Cereal + Raspberries + milk)
Collected my Diploma Cert + Transcript.
Collected our token of love.
Had a hair cut.
Bought Anti-Virus software.
Bought a whole chunk of other random stuffs.
Attended a funeral.

Left my precious camera at hubby's place.
Tried the little machine thingy hubby left at my place for mummy to use.
Finally tried Sushi Tei @ Vivocity.
Gained another kilogram and now I'm officially 44kg! :'(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will you not join them just because they change co-sponsor?

From Adidas....

to New Balance.

Tomorrow's registeration starts.
I'm not so sure I wanna run this year anymore. :p

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Chickens on the road.

These are real chickens!!

And I thought we only have wandering cats. Now we have stray chickens!

Cute right? :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Well Soon!

For my hubby who is not feeling very well now: Get Well Soon!

Wish I can look after you.. :'(

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Random me.

Just too busy with work and playing facebook games..
I seriously need to stop playing so much. :p

See, I'm still alive! and growing fatter by the day. -.-

Here's my cute Mumu and hubby. :)

Why I take so cute photos of him and he always take unglam photos of me? :(

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Choose your own promotion, Promotion!

Advertorial : The Dressup Store

Remember, not too long ago I blogged about thedressupstore's 3 new collections?

They've updated their blogshop with another 3 new collections, making the total number of collections an auspicious number 8! And they have a very cool Opening Special Promotion!

Click on the following pictures to go to each individual collection. :)

Collection 6 : Silver Necklaces

Collection 7 : Gold Necklaces

Collection 8 : Rojak Rojak

Click HERE for all available collections. :)

What's so special about their Opening Special Promotion?
You get to choose your own promotion!

Sometimes when you're shopping around and you notice some special promotion going on for an item you want to buy and they give you a free gift? Ever met with the situation where you you don't want the free gift and you wish that you can exchange it for some discount instead?

When you purchase any item (collections 1-8) from thedressupstore during the promotion period you're entitled to choose any 1 of the 2 promos below that you would prefer to enjoy! :)

Promotion 1:
5% off any item.
*Not including items that has been used for Promotion 2*

Promotion 2:
Spend $10 to $14.99, free 1 Small pouch worth $0.50.
Spend $15 to $19.99, free 1 Medium pouch worth $0.75.
Purchase $20 and above, 1 free Small pouch + 1 Medium pouch.
*While Stock last!*

Current Availability of Pouches:
Small Silver Pouch - 5
Small Gold Pouch - 10
Medium Silver Pouch - 35

Small ones suitable for rings and the medium ones more suitable for bracelets. :)

What's best is that you can even mix and match the promotions!

For example: If you purchased a necklace for $8 , you'll get a 5% discount. You'll only pay $7.60+ $1.00 for normal postage.

If you purchase 3 items and the total amount comes up to $19, you can choose either
A. 1 free Medium Pouch + 5% discount on any "leftover" additional amount. (which is $19-$15 in this case.) or
B. 5% Discount on $19 (with no free gift)

If you are confused, feel free to ask the seller questions. :)
Or you can let her know what are the items you want and she'll calculate and show you the different possibilities!

What are you waiting for?
Choose your promo here now!

If you're interested in having an advertorial on my blog, do email me at miss.uglyfatchick@gmail (dot) com.